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2008-10-06 15:00:40

By CHALMERS, Anna PARTY pill retailers are being asked to stop selling some new generation pills following tests of a commonly found chemical in the drugs that has left some users sick. The Health Ministry has instructed health boards to recall party drugs that contain the powdered form of DMAA. Labels on party pills commonly refer to DMAA as "geranium oil". The ministry's recall notice follows concern that pill makers have simply swapped BZP -- which was banned six months ago -- for...

2008-09-14 18:00:23

A DRUG that put three Irish people in hospital is still for sale in shops. Clubbers take BZP - benzylpiperazine - to get a rush similar to ecstasy. BZP is already illegal in New Zealand, America, the UK, and Australia, and the EU voted to ban it in March. Despite this the drug - originally developed as a worming medicine to kill parasites in animals - is still legally on sale across Ireland. The pills, with names such as XXX, Frenzy and Silver Bullets, can cause vomiting,...

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