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2010-10-07 08:46:08

With bits of DNA extracted from century-old museum specimens, researchers have found a place for the extinct passenger pigeon in the family tree of pigeons and doves, identifying for the first time this unique bird's closest living avian relatives.

2007-07-30 16:59:36

Hollywood residents believe they've found a humane way to reduce their pigeon population and the messes the birds make: the pill.

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2006-09-11 13:50:07

The Pheasant Pigeon, Otidiphaps nobilis, is a pigeon found in the primary rainforests of New Guinea. It ranges primarily over hilly and lower mountain areas, but can also be found in lowland areas. It is a highly secretive species, feeding on seeds and fallen fruits. It nests on the ground below trees and bushes, laying one egg that it incubates for around 4 weeks. It is not currently considered threatened, although it has become locally extinct in some areas. Because it is tied to...

2006-09-01 13:20:07

The Band-tailed Pigeon, Columba or Patagioenas fasciata, is a medium sized bird of the Americas. Its range is from British Columbia, Utah, and Colorado south in higher elevations through Mexico and Central America to northern Argentina. In autumn it migrates south from its more northern ranges of northern California, New Mexico and western Texas. It is found at altitudes from 2900 feet to a mile, generally in oak, pine-oak, and coniferous forests. It is the biggest pigeon in North America,...

2006-09-01 13:18:42

The White-crowned Pigeon, Columba now Patagioenas leucocephala, It is a resident breeder mainly in the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and Antigua. It breeds in smaller numbers in Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Anguilla and other Caribbean islands. It also breeds along the Caribbean coast of Central America. In the United States it is found only in the Florida Keys and the southern tip of mainland Florida. It is 11.5 inches long, has a wingspan of 19 inches, and...

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