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Endangered Limpets Improve Their Chances Of Survival By Changing Sex
2013-11-12 10:58:33

Plataforma SINC The Ribbed Mediterranean Limpet is one of the most endangered invertebrates of the Mediterranean Sea and is classed as being in danger of extinction. Researchers at the Spanish National Museum of Natural Sciences have discovered their reproductive strategy, consisting in changing sex from male to female and vice versa, which improves their ability to adapt to changes in their environment. The Ribbed Mediterranean Limpet, Patella ferruginea, shares the unfortunate...

2012-05-24 23:00:18

Chondromalacia patella is now being treated at the center for regenerative medicine. "This is a common problem that we treat with regenerative medicine" Dr. A.J. Farshchian MD discussed earlier. Miami, florida (PRWEB) May 23, 2012 Chondromalacia is now being treated at the center for regenerative medicine. "This is a common problem that we treat with regenerative medicine," Dr. A.J. Farshchian MD discussed earlier. Chondromalacia patella as well as osteoarthritis are cartilage damages...

2011-07-05 08:00:00

EAST TAUNTON, Mass., July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OMNIlife science, Inc. (a subsidiary of Orthopaedic Synergy, Inc.) today announced clearance of its Apex PS Knee by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The Apex Posterior Stabilized (PS) Knee is the latest addition to the Apex Knee product family. The new design was introduced into the European market in the second half of 2010 and has been positively received by surgeons and patients. It is now being introduced into the U.S....

2007-04-04 03:00:27

By Koter, S; Diks, M J F; Anderson, P G; Wymenga, A B An abnormal lateral position of the tibial tuberosity causes distal malalignment of the extensor mechanism of the knee and can lead to lateral tracking of the patella causing anterior knee pain or objective patellar instability, characterised by recurrent dislocation. Computer tomography is used for a precise pre- operative assessment of the tibial tubercletrochlear groove distance. A distance of more than 15 mm is considered to be...

2005-08-25 07:48:21

RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley has an 80 percent tear in the patella tendon of his left knee that could require surgery, the team said on Thursday. Bradley also has damaged his anterior cruciate ligament and will seek a second opinion this week. He was injured on Monday when he hit the first base bag while running out a ground ball. Bradley left the game and has not played since then. He tested the knee during batting practice on...

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