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2008-04-26 10:15:57

The evils of global warming and ozone depletion are competing problems, at least in Antarctica, the results of two new studies suggest. Schemes to pump sulfur into the atmosphere to counteract global warming might help cool the Earth, but they could also cause problems at the poles, scientists warned today. Continuous injections could drastically deplete polar ozone, delaying the recovery of the current ozone hole over Antarctica by several decades. And another study finds that if the...

2008-04-25 00:35:00

A proposed method of injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere in order to fight the effects of global warming, would have a drastic impact on Earth's protective ozone layer, researchers said in a new study.Simone Tilmes of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and colleagues conducted the study, which was published Thursday in Science Express.Researchers looked at the possible effects of "geoengineering" methods of cancelling out the impacts of global warming. One of...

2004-11-30 15:00:14

NOBEL Prize-winning chemist Professor Sir Harry Kroto is to return his honorary degree to Exeter University in protest at plans to close the institution's chemistry department. Sir Harry received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996.

Word of the Day
  • The navel or umbilicus.
  • In Greek archaeology: A central boss, as on a shield, a bowl, etc.
  • A sacred stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, believed by the Greeks to mark the 'navel' or exact center-point of the earth.
'Omphalos' comes from the ancient Greek.