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Intel Profits Decline, Follow Trend In Slow PC Sales
2013-01-18 13:47:59

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Despite a stabling economy, Intel seems to be on a decline, with technology research firm Gartner reporting a 27 percent fall in profit for the chipmaker. The world's biggest semiconductor maker saw a drop in PC shipments worldwide to 3.5 percent in 2012, according to Gartner. Intel reported in its fourth-quarter earnings report on Thursday a net income of $2.5 billion, which was down 27 percent compared to a year earlier. The...

Intel CEO Announces Retirement After 40 Years With Company
2012-11-19 15:12:21

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Intel announced on Monday that the company's president and CEO, Paul Otellini, will be retiring in May 2013. Otellini has been working for nearly 40 years with Intel, helping to generate $107 billion in cash operations. “Paul Otellini has been a very strong leader, only the fifth CEO in the company´s great 45-year history, and one who has managed the company through challenging times and market...

CES: Intel Making Strides Into Mobile Device Market
2012-01-11 09:12:44

During Intel´s keynote presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Liu Jun, president of Lenovo´s mobile Internet division, announced the Lenovo K800 smartphone which will be built on Intel´s “Medfield” Atom platform. This will fulfill Intel´s wish of getting their x86 processors into smart phones, reports Matt Warman for The Telegraph. The K800 boasts a 4.5-inch 720p screen, HSPA+ support, and operates the Android 4.0 operating system. Inside, the...

Intel, Google Launch Android Partnership
2011-09-14 05:19:38

  Intel Corp. and Google Inc. unveiled a development partnership on Tuesday under which the two companies will work together to optimize the Android operating system for Intel´s processors. The collaboration is intended to help the Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant make inroads into the mobile market, with its technology eventually powering everything from servers to smartphones. Intel currently leads the PC and server markets, but has struggled to penetrate the...

2011-02-20 06:50:00

Microchip maker Intel announced Friday it plans to build a $5 billion state-of-the-art microprocessor factory in Arizona by 2013, greatly increasing it US manufacturing capacity as part of a major global expansion. The high-tech plant, which will produce microchips with next-generation 14 nanometer line-widths, is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the economy-weakened region, which is offering more incentives to lure in businesses. Intel CEO Paul Otellini made the announcement during a...

2011-01-14 08:25:00

Intel, the largest microchip maker in the world, had what they are calling their best year ever, earning $3.4 billion in profits for 2010 and beating their previous year by 167%, according to BBC News reports on Thursday. The British news agency said that the company took in a net profit of $11.7 billion for the year, beating market expectations by 8%. Their fourth quarter saw a net profit of $3.4 billion (a 48% increase from the same period in 2009), and for the year, Intel brought in $43.6...

2010-12-09 12:18:22

Intel Corp. said it is going to launch chips designed for tablet computers and smartphones late next year, attempting to establish its foot in the fast-growing market. The company said that the new chips will invigorate its mobile business, which has struggled to gain momentum amid sales of Apple's iPad tablets and smartphones using Google's Android operating system. "The consumer (tablet) products will roll out over the first half of next year," Chief Executive Paul Otellini told analysts...

2010-10-29 07:15:00

Microchip maker Intel said Thursday that it plans to team up with Taiwan to set up a multi-million dollar Internet computing research laboratory. Intel said it would work with island's National Science Council and a leading Taiwanese university to establish a "cloud computing" research center, which could cost $23.5 million over the next five years. By using a cloud computer system, a user can access software and store information online instead of a hard drive on their computer. Intel did...

2010-10-19 12:20:00

Intel Corp said on Tuesday that it will invest $8 billion into producing next-generation computer chips. Intel said the investment over the next several years will fund deployment of its 22-nanometer (nm) chip manufacturing process across several factories in the U.S. The microprocessor maker said it will also fund construction of a new fabrication plant in Oregon. It said it will begin production of its first 22nm microprocessors in late 2011. Intel said the project will support 6,000 to...

2010-08-19 15:05:00

Intel Corp. is purchasing computer-security software maker McAfee Inc. for $7.68 billion as part of Intel's commitment to serve an increasing array of Internet-connected devices. The deal will help the world's number one chipmaker improve the security of its chips by sharpening the software that goes into them.  The acquisition will also stream new revenue for Intel, which will sell security software alongside new chips it is developing for mobile phones, televisions and cars....

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