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2012-01-06 10:04:34

New methodology suggests mate preferences hover just outside of conscious awareness Stating that you don't care if you land a partner who is "hot" or "sexy" is relatively commonplace. But what people say they want and what they actually want are often two very different things when it comes to romantic attraction. However, a new methodology that measures people's implicit, split-second responses gets around this problem. Research from Northwestern University and Texas A&M University...

Do You really Know What You Want In A Partner?
2011-11-14 10:37:25

Study says romantic preferences fall by wayside once you meet a potential dating partner So you're flocking to online dating sites with a wish list of ideal traits that you desire in a mate. Not so fast! Once you actually meet a potential dating partner, those ideals are likely to fall by the wayside, according to new research from Northwestern University and Texas A&M University. People liked potential partners that matched their ideals more than those that mismatched their...

2008-09-10 08:05:00

Americans are spending increasing amounts of time hanging around virtual worlds in the forms of cartoon-like avatars that change appearances according to users' wills, fly through floating cities in the clouds and teleport instantly to glowing crystal canyons and starlit desert landscapes. Simply fun and games divorced from reality, right? Not necessarily so, say two social psychologists from Northwestern University who conducted the first experimental field studies in the virtual world. They...

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