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2009-06-30 09:00:06

In this months PLoS Medicine Editorial, the editors argue that"”despite recent international objections"” access to clean water should be recognised as a human right.At the March 2009 United Nations (UN) meetings, coinciding with the World Water Forum, Canada, Russia, and the United States refused to support a declaration that would recognize water as a basic human right. But this flies in the face of considerable evidence that access to water, which is essential for health, is...

2008-10-01 06:00:35

By Julia Scott SAN FRANCISCO -- Bay Area residents who get their water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in the Sierra will not be allotted any "new" water under a proposal to maximize water resources through 2018, although water rates will double in that time to pay for upgrades to the system, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission officials said Tuesday. The staff of the commission is backing a regional water supply plan that would avoid the controversial environmental pitfall of...

2008-08-14 09:00:39

Olympic water self sufficient, no deep aquifer water involved BEIJING, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- A Ministry of Water Resources official said on Wednesday that Beijing could ensure a sufficient supply of water for the Olympic Games, with all water coming from the capital itself, no deep underground water being involved. Vice Minister of Water Resources Hu Siyi told a news conference that the hosting of the Games did not pose any threat to Beijing's supply of water. "There is no Olympic water...

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