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Exergames Good Source Of Light Physical Activity
2012-08-09 14:34:27

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Researchers from Michigan State University (MSU) recently announced that active video games (AVGs), those inspired by popular devices such as Kinect, Move and Wii, could help increase the physical activity of participants. The study, recently published in the journal Health Education and Behavior, consisted of published research on games. The researchers found that they provided “light-to-moderate” intensity physical...

2012-07-08 23:01:10

Pedometer-Reviews.net adds pedometer watches to its already extensive reviews of the top pedometers. Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 08, 2012 Pedometer-Reviews.net added today to its website the top 10 pedometer watches on the market today. Top of the list was the Timex Women´s T5J151 it has a pink and silver resin watch case with easy to use buttons on the sides. It is water resistant to 50 meters, and for that reason a lot of people use this watch for one to swim in. It has a gray...

The Death Of The Battery?
2012-06-17 03:00:00

Battery-powered devices could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a group of UK researchers who have created a novel energy harvester to power some of the latest wearable gadgets. By strapping the energy harvester to the knee joint, a user could power body-monitoring devices such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and accelerometers by simply walking and not have the worry of running out of power and replacing batteries. Soldiers may find this device particularly useful as they often...

2012-06-06 23:04:20

Pedometer-Reviews.net launches a long awaited new website geared toward helping users find pedometer reviews. Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) June 06, 2012 Today Pedometer-Reviews.net re-launches its newest version of one of the leading pedometer reviews site on the web. The already very successful website gets a new lift to better assist users find the top pedometer reviews. Based with one of the only in-house reviews, videos, and how to downloads, writers, the newest version of...

2012-06-01 09:21:20

Walking the dog. Skipping. These are all exercises that incorporate steps, something that is especially necessary for older adults. A new study by researchers at the University of Western Sydney, published in the journal Annals of Family Medicine, found that pedometers could possibly encourage the elderly to mix in more physical activity in their daily schedules. The findings showed that giving older adults a pedometer motivated them to seek exercise and was more successful than simply...

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