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2012-04-23 13:34:42

The behavior of marine larvae is central to fully understanding and modeling the pelagic (open ocean) stage for many coastal organisms.

2011-12-14 19:47:11

The science behind counting fish in the ocean to measure their abundance has never been simple.

2010-08-03 10:46:49

New research from the University of Sheffield has discovered that the deep open ocean, by far the largest habitat for life on Earth, is currently the most under-explored area of the sea, and the one we know least about.

2009-11-23 08:25:00

Census of Marine Life scientists have inventoried an astonishing abundance, diversity and distribution of deep sea species that have never known sunlight - creatures that somehow manage a living in a frigid black world down to 5,000 meters (~3 miles) below the ocean waves.

2009-09-01 08:25:00

In the open ocean, species of large predatory fish will swim and hunt for food at various depths, which leads to unique diets in these fish.

2008-07-01 18:00:13

An analysis of 50 years of data from weekly U.S. fish trawling surveys in and near Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay show climate change is affecting the fish.

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2007-06-25 06:54:02

The Yellow Sea Snake or Pelagic Sea Snake, Pelamis platura, is a species of sea snake found in the tropical oceanic waters around the world. It is found in the Pacific Ocean from Japan, south to South China and coastal regions of Taiwan and Zhejiang. It is found in the Persian Gulf to the bay of Bengal, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Maldives. Also found on much of the coastal waters of Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and Solomon Islands. It also occurs around coastal Mexico, Guatemala,...

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