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2008-08-14 12:00:42

EDISON, N.J., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Students and professionals everywhere can now access a full lineup of stylish and affordable writing products from leading manufacturer of writing instruments, Zebra Pen Corporation. With its new, eco-friendly line and a stellar selection of stainless steel writing instruments, Zebra Pen offers products that stand up to the highest measurements of quality, innovation and value. Zebra Pen makes "going green" easy with the new Zebra Pen Eco Product Line,...

2008-07-31 09:00:47

By Clinton Thomas, St. Joseph News-Press, Mo. Jul. 31--WHITESVILLE, Mo. -- With profits tightening in the beef industry, cattlemen are on the lookout for new ways to maximize production on their pastures. Producers from Andrew County braved the rain for a pasture walk for this reason Tuesday evening at Johnnie Hubach's farm northeast of Whitesville. The cattlemen compared notes on topics like spring development, weed control and even a forage measurement system developed in New Zealand....

2008-07-29 18:10:00

A distinctive hard-surface feature called "Snow Queen" beneath NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander visibly changed sometime between mid-June and mid-July, close-up images from the Robotic Arm Camera show. Cracks as long as 10 centimeters, or about four inches, have appeared. A seven-millimeter (less than one-third inch) pebble or clod not seen there before has popped up on the surface. And some smooth texture on Snow Queen has subtly roughened. Phoenix's Robotic Arm Camera, or RAC, took its first...

2008-07-24 00:00:30

D own House Farm, located just five miles from Exeter near Tedburn St Mary and extending to 203 acres of ring-fenced land, comes to the market through Stags Farm Agency Department at a guide price of pounds1,500,000. Enjoying a quiet position with its own entrance drive leading to the traditional farmstead, with a renovated four-bedroom farmhouse, Down House Farm is likely to appeal to stock farmers, but perhaps also equestrian users or those seeking multiple occupation, or potential...

2008-07-08 15:00:33

By Channing Gray For four summers now, Lowry Marshall has relied on her "little black book" to come up with talent for the Brown/Trinity Playwrights Repertory Theater. The annual festival just doesn't have the staff and the wherewithal to conduct a national search for new plays, said Marshal, the Brown theater professor who oversees the event. So she calls on former students who are now making names for themselves. "Over the years, having taught so many marvelous writers," said Marshall,...

2008-01-30 10:55:00

The continuous fabrication of complex, three-dimensional nanoscale structures and the ability to grow individual nanowires of unlimited length are now possible with a process developed by researchers at the University of Illinois.Based on the rapid evaporation of solvent from simple "inks," the process has been used to fabricate freestanding nanofibers, stacked arrays of nanofibers and continuously wound spools of nanowires. Potential applications include electronic interconnects,...

2007-08-02 06:16:59

By Jennifer K. Morita, The Sacramento Bee, Calif. Aug. 2--Bleating goats and sheep have replaced the noisy drone of a Weed Eater in some communities' efforts to reduce fire risks. A growing number of communities and government agencies are turning to four-legged grass trimmers to clear overgrown vegetation that can be hazardous during the hot, dry wildfire season. This year is the first time Rocklin city officials have used goats and sheep to get rid of pesky poison oak, star thistle...

2006-03-01 14:00:33

By Peter Kaplan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Supreme Court on Wednesday handed a legal victory to patent-holding companies, making it easier for them to tie the sale of their patented products to other products they sell. The high court reversed a decades-long legal doctrine that had made it easier to sue companies for illegally tying such products together under U.S. antitrust law by assuming a patent gave them monopolistic power. The case grew out of a lawsuit filed by a small...

2006-01-31 04:33:01

By Robert Osborne NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - A deep bow to all Academy Award nominees as of 5:30 a.m. Pacific time Tuesday. Enjoy the day, the attention, the pats on the back. It's something that doesn't happen often -- unless your name is Streep, Nicholson or Dench. And do keep in mind those gloriously talented people who did great work but never received a single Oscar nomination in their entire careers, including such heavyweights as Edward G. Robinson (think "Key Largo,"...

2005-09-08 11:30:00

PARIS -- It started as an answer to leaky pens carried by American soldiers during World War Two, was perfected and made popular by an Italian-born baron and has written its way into history as the world's biggest-selling pen. More than half a century after honing a cheap version of the ballpoint pen, Bic, the French firm which built an empire out of making things to be thrown away, said Thursday it had sold its 100 billionth -- 100,000,000,000th --- disposable ballpoint. The group started...

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2010-09-16 15:36:53

Unlike its predecessor, the dip pen, the fountain pen holds its ink in a internal reservoir which is drawn through a feed to the nib by way of gravity and capillary action. Due to its way of operating the fountain pen requires little to no pressure to write. The ink in the reservoir may be re-filled manually via an internal "filler mechanism or through use of removable reservoirs of pre-filled ink. The first known recorded use of the fountain pen dates back to the 10th century....

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