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2008-07-16 15:00:40

By Kandace McCoy, Mt. Vernon Register-News, Ill. Jul. 16--MT. VERNON -- With daycamp winding down to just under two weeks, campers have been enjoying Water Week at Mt. Vernon Veterans Park. And, as an added bonus to the fun-filled week and in recognition of Movie in the Park, campers competed in a Penguin Relay Tuesday afternoon. Friday's Movie in the Park, "Happy Feet," is sponsored by Walgreen's Distribution Center. Events kick off at 7:30 p.m. "It is a great movie that the entire...

2008-07-13 21:00:15

By Dane Stickney, Omaha World-Herald, Neb. Jul. 13--Batman may be the star of the show, but the villains often steal the scenes. Most of the buzz surrounding the new Batman flick, "The Dark Knight," which opens Friday, has focused on Heath Ledger. The late actor plays an especially creepy Joker. His is the latest dark reinvention of the Batman villain. Here's a look at how the four main villains have evolved through the Batman comics, TV shows and movies: The Joker The character:...

2008-07-13 12:00:00

People are talking about "The Dark Knight," but they're not talking about Batman. That's no slur on Christian Bale, whose brooding performance as gentleman superhero Bruce Wayne gave a soulful center to "Batman Begins," and who'll reprise the role in Christopher Nolan's sequel (opening in Seattle theaters late-night Thursday). But "The Dark Knight," and the buzz that surrounds it, looks to be all about the Joker -- which is to say, all about Heath Ledger. Part of this is, of course, because...

2008-07-10 12:00:45

Have camera, will travel. In pursuit of a compelling story, Werner Herzog will go anywhere. He's pitched his tripod in the Alaskan wilderness ("Grizzly Man"), on the lip of an active Caribbean volcano ("La Soufriere") and only-God-and-Klaus-Kinski-know-where up the Amazon River ("Aguirre, the Wrath of God"). A contrarian spiritual journey as provocative as it is hypnotic, Herzog's "Encounters at the End of the World" literally treks to planet's end. The irascible filmmaker travels to the...

2008-07-07 09:00:38

For movie fans everywhere there is no film more highly anticipated this summer than "The Dark Knight." For this most recent big-budget installment of the hugely popular Batman franchise, ReelzChannel(R), the only cable/satellite network dedicated to "Everything About Movies, 24/7(TM)," will become "Everything About 'The Dark Knight,' 24/7" as it devotes its original programs across the network July 11-20 to showcase one of the most successful movie franchises ever. Leading into the film's...

2008-06-25 09:02:49

By Gary Bogue, Contra Costa Times, Walnut Creek, Calif. Jun. 25--a late bloomer in the heat of summer one purple iris -- haiku by Nona Mock Wyman, Walnut Creek Dear Gary: My husband and I were walking on a beach up by Stinson/Bolinas and we saw what truly looked like a small penguin! It had black webbed feet. The usual black face and back with "wings." But its chest down to his feet was snow white. Its bill was black and more pointy than the so-called African penguin. It...

2008-05-13 11:43:57

A seal has been caught on camera trying to have sex with a penguin. This seems to be the first known example of a sexual escapade between a mammal and another kind of vertebrate such as a bird, reptile or fish, "although some mammals are known to have attempted sexual relief with inanimate - including dead things - objects," said researcher Nico de Bruyn, a mammal ecologist at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. One summer morning, scientists observing elephant seals...

2008-02-17 17:40:00

As oceans warm and become more acidic, ocean creatures are undergoing severe stress and entire food webs are at risk, according to scientists at a press briefing this morning at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston. Gretchen Hofmann, associate professor of biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has just returned from a research mission to Antarctica where she collected pteropods, tiny marine snails the size of a lentil, that...

2008-02-15 12:05:00

Frozen in time"¦ frozen in place"¦ frozen solid"¦ All of these phrases have been used to describe Antarctica, and yet they all belie the truth about this southerly point on the globe. Although the area is covered in ice and bears witness to some of the most extreme cold on the planet, this ecosystem is dynamic, not static, and change here has always been dramatic and intense. A report published in the March issue of Ecology argues that the extreme cold and environmental...

2006-08-08 17:32:01

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) - Twenty-one penguins were rescued on a hot east Texas highway on Tuesday after a truck carrying the wildlife to a temporary home south of Houston overturned, said a state trooper. Four penguins and some exotic fish were killed in the accident, including three penguins that were hit by passing motorists, said Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Richard Buchanan. "The rest of the penguins kind of stayed together in the ditch." The truck, also carrying an...

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2006-02-23 12:15:07

At 30 inches (75 centimeters), the flightless Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) was the largest of the auks. It was hunted for food, as well as for down for mattresses, from at least the 8th century. It is classified as the only species in the genus Pinguinus. It was also known as "garefowl", from the Old Norse geirfugl, or "penguin". Before hunted to extinction, the Great Auk could be found in great numbers on islands off eastern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Ireland and Great Britain....

2006-02-17 17:13:48

The Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the largest of all penguins and is the only penguin that breeds at the height of winter in Antarctica. Emperor Penguins eat mainly crustaceans (such as krill) but will also occasionally indulge in small fish and squid. In the wild, Emperor Penguins typically live for 20 years, but some records indicate a maximum lifespan of around 40 years. (The Emperor Penguin should not be confused with the King Penguin or the Royal Penguin.) Behaviors...

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