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2009-02-26 10:40:00

The oldest isolated pulsar ever detected in X-rays has been found with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. This very old and exotic object turns out to be surprisingly active.

2008-11-22 19:21:24

Joe Paterno said Saturday, following the Nittany Lions' 49-18 win over Michigan State, he plans to return in 2009 as Penn State University football coach. Paterno, 81, has coached Penn State football for the last 43 seasons, beginning in 1966 when he replaced Rip Engle.

2008-04-08 17:20:00

Snacking on pistachios has shown once again to have a positive impact on improving cardiovascular health by significantly reducing inflammation in the body, a prominent cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor.

2008-04-03 09:10:00

A computer model that provides land managers with a more efficient and cost-effective approach for controlling gypsy moths and other invasive pests has been created by biologists at Penn State University and the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

2008-03-31 16:48:53

Satisfactory sexual intercourse for couples lasts from 3 to 13 minutes, contrary to popular fantasy about the need for hours of sexual activity, according to a survey of U.S. and Canadian sex therapists.

2008-03-12 14:35:07

An international science team from Penn State University in the United States and the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom has developed a process for growing a single-crystal semiconductor inside the tunnel of a hollow optical fiber.

2006-03-08 18:55:49

In this week's issue of Nature, scientists at Penn State University and their U.S. and European colleagues discuss how this explosion, detected on 4 September 2005, was the result of a massive star collapsing into a black hole.

2005-11-28 16:30:00

The most comprehensive analysis ever performed of the genetic relationships among all the major groups of snakes, lizards, and other scaly reptiles has resulted in a radical reorganization of the family tree of these animals, requiring new names for many of the tree's new branches.

2005-09-22 15:39:03

The presence of environmental chemicals in human milk does not necessarily indicate health risks for infants, according to researchers.

2005-06-10 06:40:15

More evidence is trickling in that aspects of everyday life, including exercise, eating habits and even a common spice, can affect the incidence and course of breast cancer.

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