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2013-11-15 23:21:09

Ace Computers will showcase its leading-edge, cost-effective high performance computing products at Super Computing 2013 (SC13) in Denver starting Monday. Chicago, Ill. (PRWEB) November 15, 2013 Ace Computers will showcase its intelligent, cost-effective high performance computing products in Booth 1816 at Super Computing 2013 (SC13) in Denver, beginning Nov. 18. In addition to a planned Bright Computing software demo, featured products, within the financial reach of most organizations,...

Intel Reveals New Details Of Exascale Supercomputing Chip
2012-06-19 08:39:41

Researchers at Intel are building new chip architectures to bring high-performance computing into the exascale range, or 1,000 times faster than a petaflop, which is one quadrillion, or a thousand trillion, calculations per second. The No. 1 chipmaker disclosed new technical details about its new line of processors, which are based on Intel´s “Many Integrated Core Architecture,” saying its latest technology for high-performance computing is worthy of an entirely new brand...

Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku: The End Is Near For Moore’s Law
2012-05-01 09:03:39

Brett Smith for Redorbit.com The days of Moore´s Law, which says computer processing capability doubles every 18 months, could be coming to a close according to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. In a video produced for BigThink.com, Kaku said the smaller and smaller silicon chips that companies are producing might soon reach their processing limits. Once a chip´s layer of silicon reaches the size of about 5 atoms across it will begin to suffer from two particular...

2009-06-18 13:23:53

Intel Corp. is going to phase out some of its brands in order to focus on fewer top names as the company seeks new markets such as mobile devices. Intel said on Wednesday that it will stop using "Centrino" to refer to personal computers starting next year.  Instead, it will use that brand to refer to WiFi and WiMax-based wireless products. Intel also said it would phase out sub-categories of its Core brand, such as "Core 2 Duo" which has been used in Apple products. "We have a complex...

2008-07-28 00:00:17

INTEL Corp celebrated its 40th anniversary two weeks ago. Along the way, the company became a household name with the Intel Inside campaign, invented the microprocessor, and put billions of transistors on a single chip. Today, the microprocessor is at the heart of an ever-expanding digital world that enables people to connect in amazing new ways and to achieve previously unimagined gains in productivity. Since it was founded in 1968, Intel Corp has been challenging the status quo. Each new...

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