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2009-04-30 12:36:00

NEW YORK, April 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Green Energy Resources (Pink Sheets: GRGR) announced today it has received a Five(5) year contract for thirty-six (36) shipments per year valued at approximately $61 million annually.

2009-04-02 08:41:00

NEW YORK, April 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Green Energy Resources (PinkSheets: GRGR) announced it projects $100 million in gross sales revenue for woodchips in 2009. The projection comes on top of Tuesday's announcement of over $12 million in sales for the 1st qtr 2009.

2009-03-31 09:10:00

NEW YORK, March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Green Energy Resources (Pink Sheets: GRGR) announces today a record $12.6M in woodchip sales in 1st qtr 2009. Sales represent more then 50% increase over 2007. Exports were led by a strong euro, low fuel prices, and stable freight rates.

2009-03-24 04:06:00

"Gardens don't only have to be planted for their visual beauty ... they can be just as pleasing to the other senses, especially the sense of smell." -- Maureen Duffy, M.S.

2009-03-17 09:30:00

New Curriculum Seen as Instrumental in Helping Richland and Sister Illinois Community College Members Establish New Global AgriBiz and BioEnergy Corridor CHICAGO, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA) announced today that Richland Community College has selected Permaculture and Biofuel expert David Blume's Amazon.com best-selling book Alcohol Can Be A Gas, (http://www.alcoholcanbeagas.com) as course text for its new BioFuels Program.

2009-02-03 08:30:00

Bloomington, IL Program Feb 14 and 15 is Opportunity to Answer Obama's Call to Create New Non-Exportable Jobs in Renewable Energy CHICAGO, Feb.

2009-01-27 09:06:00


2008-12-29 16:23:43

Organic plant waste has proven to be an effective weed control for citrus trees, Egyptian researchers reported Monday. Researchers from the National Research Center in Giza, Egypt, studied the effects of plant mulches compared to synthetic mulch and other weed control methods on the quality of mandarin fruit, the American Society for Horticultural Science reported Monday in a news release. Dr.

2008-12-29 11:32:39

Non-chemical weed control methods tested on organic mandarin trees

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Sheet Mulching
2013-08-05 12:36:35

Sheet mulching, or lasagna gardening, is the process of turning barren ground into a more nourishing garden without digging. It is a layered system that can be used for a yard garden or a topical box garden. Starting at the bottom is a weed proof barrier, like newspaper or cardboard. On top of that is a twelve-inch layer of compost or mulch material such as old clothes, yard clippings, and manure, which provides for nutrient rich soil. Weed-free soil is added prior to planting the desired...

Forest Gardening
2013-07-31 15:46:47

Forest gardening is a woodland ecosystem that requires little maintenance. Forest gardening is a form of intercropping that is a seven tier, layering system utilizing the space from the sub-ground up to the canopy in order to provide high yielding food production for human consumption in wooded areas. Layering utilizes the photosynthesis to the maximum benefit for each tier within the forest garden. The canopy level consists of the tallest fruit/nut trees with dwarf trees in the...

Three Sisters
2013-05-18 07:30:48

Three Sisters crop is a technique of gardening used primarily by Native Americans, but gardeners of any kind may also use this technique. These crops use three types of plants; in the Tewa tribe, they use four. The traditional seeds used are corn, beans, and squash. There are many benefits from this method, the first being the use of the corn stalks for the beans to grow on. The beans themselves then provide nitrogen for the corn and squash, while giving the corn amino acids, lysine, and...

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