Latest Permafrost Stories

2009-06-17 09:50:00

Two University of the Alaska Fairbanks researchers are among key contributors to a new national report that details visible effects of climate change in the United States and how today's choices stand to affect the future.

2009-06-02 11:20:01

As frozen arctic soil thaws due to climate change, U.S.

2009-05-29 09:30:00

A team of scientists from the United States, Germany, Russia and Austria has just returned from a six-month drilling expedition to a frozen lake in Siberia: Lake El'gygytgyn, "Lake E" for short.

2009-05-27 15:45:00

“A slow-motion time bomb.” That’s what one ecologist calls the looming threat of trapped greenhouse gases in the melting Arctic.

2009-05-06 14:30:04

Global warming could result in massive droughts and flooding in Tibet, posing threats to the wellbeing of millions of people, according to the head of the China Meteorological Bureau.

2008-11-25 11:35:01

University of Toronto-Scarborough researchers say looking at the ground, not the sky, could better determine where climate change could be the worst. Global warming, the scientists reported in Nature Geoscience, changes the molecular structure of organic matter in the soil, the university said in a news release. Soil contains more than twice the amount of carbon than does the atmosphere, yet, until now, scientists haven't examined this significant carbon pool closely, said Myrna Simpson,...

2008-11-03 11:18:09

The fight against climate warming has an unexpected ally in mushrooms growing in dry spruce forests covering Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and other northern regions, a new UC Irvine study finds.

2008-10-08 12:12:34

Frozen arctic soil contains nearly twice the greenhouse-gas-producing organic material as was previously estimated, according to recently published research by University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists.

2008-09-04 18:40:00

A fork-like conductivity probe has sensed humidity rising and falling beside NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, but when stuck into the ground, its measurements so far indicate soil that is thoroughly and perplexingly dry.

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