Latest Pervasive developmental disorders Stories

2013-02-06 23:04:25

The new Autism Society Supporter program highlights the businesses that donate to the nation’s largest grassroots autism organization.

2013-01-19 23:04:55

In its latest blog titled "The Autism Epidemic in America," Marble Media LLC’s Mommyhotspot.com is asking readers for their experiences with Autism, and asks and input on the results

Some Autistic Kids Outgrow Their Diagnosis
2013-01-16 08:54:59

A recent study found that a small group of children who were originally diagnosed with autism were able shed their autism-related symptoms – and their diagnosis – as they matured.

Gene Variants In Autistic Patients Identified
2013-01-15 18:33:10

Researchers have identified 25 additional copy number variations (CNVs) which occur in some patients with autism.

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