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Move Over Dolly, South Korean Company Clones First British Dog
2014-04-09 10:29:27

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A South Korean company that charges about $100,000 US for animal cloning procedures has just cloned Britain’s first dog for free. The dog was copied from a 12-year-old pet dachshund named Winnie, owned by Rebecca Smith of London. Smith won a contest sponsored by Sooam Biotech, the company behind the cloning. The company is already known for creating more than 500 cloned dogs for owners all around the world, but Smith’s dog is...

2009-06-18 00:40:26

The dog who found the last survivor beneath rubble at Ground Zero after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City has been cloned, it's owner says. James Symington's search-and-rescue German shepherd Trakr" has since died, but he got five perfect clones free Wednesday from the Northern California cloning company BioArts International. Symington, a retired Canadian police officer who now lives in Los Angeles, won a contest BioArts had to find the most clone-worthy dog. Once in a...

2009-01-29 07:36:38

A family in Boca Raton welcomed home a golden Labrador retriever puppy, for what seemed like the second time. That's because 10-week-old Sir Lancelot Encore is a clone, created in South Korea by a California biotech firm from the DNA of the first Sir Lancelot, the beloved pet of Ed and Nina Otto. The original 'Lancy' died, at age 11, in January 2008. The Ottos spent $155,000 to create the second puppy. Onlookers saw the celebrity canine as he bounded off an American Airlines flight...

2008-07-17 12:50:00

Two South Korean labs are offering pet owners the chance to clone their dogs in hopes of bringing a beloved pet back to life, but the service will come at a high price. Both Seoul-based labs "“ one affiliated to RNL Bio Co and the other to Sooam Biotech Research Foundation -- sit within just 20 miles of each other, and both claim to be the only places in the world where pet owners can clone their pets at prices ranging between $50,000 and $100,000. However, pet owners haven't been the...

2008-05-22 00:05:00

BioArts International announced on Wednesday that it will clone dogs for the five highest bidders in online auctions.The cloning process will be performed by Hwang Woo-suk, a South Korean scientist whose human cloning research involving embryonic stem cells was found to have been faked.BioArts chief executive Lou Hawthorne formerly ran Genetic Savings & Clone, which offered to clone pet cats for $50,000 but folded in 2006 because few were willing to pay so much.However, Hawthorne said...

2006-10-12 17:45:00

SAN FRANCISCO -- Even for the most devoted pet lover, there's a limit to how far they will go to have their favorite feline or canine for life. Genetic Savings and Clone, a biotechnology company that sold cloned pets, sent letters to its customers last month informing them it will close at the end of the year because of little demand for costly cloned cats. The company had recently reduced the price from $50,000 to $32,000. The company also failed in its attempts to clone pet dogs. The...

2005-07-17 11:50:00

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- Eighty-six Squared has never been in a hurry. The Black Angus bull was born 15 years after cells from his genetic donor, Bull 86, were frozen as part of a study on natural disease resistance. When Bull 86 died in 1997, scientists thought his unique genetic makeup was lost. But researchers at Texas A&M University were able to clone him from the frozen cells in 2000. Now 5 years old, 86 Squared spends his days grazing on a rural area of the A&M campus. He...

2004-12-23 00:00:00

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The first cloned-to-order pet sold in the United States is named Little Nicky, an eight-week-old kitten delivered to a Texas woman saddened by the loss of a cat she had owned for 17 years. The kitten cost its owner $50,000 and was cloned from a beloved cat, named Nicky, that died last year. Nicky's owner banked the cat's DNA, which was used to create the clone. "He is identical. His personality is the same," the woman told The Associated Press in a telephone interview....

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