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Dinosaur Skull Analysis Shows Three Species Are Actually One
2013-08-11 04:56:11

A number of Psittacosaurus fossils, once believed to represent three different species, actually all belong to a single dinosaur species, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania claim in a new study.

2011-06-30 19:24:28

An international team including University of Pennsylvania paleontologists is unearthing the appearance of ancient animals by using the world's most powerful X-rays.

2010-05-26 10:35:31

A team of paleontologists, including a University of Pennsylvania doctoral candidate, has described a new species of dinosaur based upon an incomplete skeleton found in western New Mexico.

2006-09-05 17:00:00

Good news for dinosaur fans: There are probably a lot more of them waiting to be discovered. At least, their fossils are.

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2009-08-18 20:09:16

Originally, this dinosaur had seven known subspecies. All of them were studied extensively in 1975 by Peter Dodson, who studied the differences between the skulls and the crests of different types of dinosaurs. He found that differences in size and shape of the seven named subspecies were actually different age groups of the same species. Today, only one species is known (C. casuarius). Corythosaurus was about 35 feet in length from nose to tail and weighed about 4 tons. Like all...

2009-07-22 13:50:41

Avaceratops, or the "Ava horned face", lived during the Late Cretaceous Period, and is a genus of small ceratopsian dinosaur. They were found in what is now the Northwestern United States. It was first discovered in the Judith River Formation of Montana in 1981. The fossils were found scattered along the remains of a prehistoric stream bed. It is believed that the specimen was buried in the sandbar after its body was washed downstream by a current. Eddie Cole made the original find and the...

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