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2014-02-28 12:27:28

World-Renowned Molecular Biologist and New Director of Research, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Peter Jones Leading Translational Research in Epigenetics ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Van Andel Institute, a world-class research and science education institute headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has established a global epigenetics research hub, tapping into a hot-button research topic responsible for new and innovative...

2009-09-10 14:16:56

A British man said Guinness World Records is investigating whether his dachshund, aged 20 years and six months, is the world's oldest dog. Peter Jones, 68, of Shrewsbury, England, said he believes the dachshund, Otto, is the world's oldest living dog after the death of a 21-year-old dachshund in the United States, the Daily Mail reported Thursday. When I saw this dog had died and he was the oldest in the world, I thought Otto must be getting on to being the oldest as well, Jones said of the...

2009-06-03 08:30:40

A new study by researchers from the Nairobi-based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the United Kingdom's Waen Associates has found that by 2050, hotter conditions, coupled with shifting rainfall patterns, could make anywhere from 500,000 to one million square kilometers of marginal African farmland no longer able to support even a subsistence level of food crops. However, the land, on which some 20 to 35 million people currently live, may still support livestock.Boosting...

2008-07-23 15:00:57

AN indie band that appeared on TV show Dragon's Den have sold more than 1500 singles after being awarded GBP 75,000 to launch their album. Hamfatter, whose guitarist James Ingham comes from Leith, impressed tycoon Peter Jones when the band featured on the popular BBC show on Monday. Online retailer Play.com said that in the hours directly after the show, the single The Girl I Love was downloaded 755 times between 10pm and midnight. Head of music at the firm Helen Marquis said: "TV is...

2005-08-10 17:48:15

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The makers of a television show called "Million Dollar Idea" have sued ABC and several others, including "American Idol" star Simon Cowell, seeking to block broadcasts of a new show that they claim copies their own. The suit says ABC, Cowell and FremantleMedia North America Inc are developing a program called "The Million Dollar Idea," that is nearly identical to "Million Dollar Idea" in which entrepreneurs compete for $1 million to make and market an original...

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