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Apple Once Again Announces Green Energy Plans
2012-05-18 11:42:55

Apple has been targeted by Greenpeace over its energy consumption in its Maiden, North Carolina data center. Now, Apple is saying their 500,000 square foot center will be completely green by the end of the year, using only renewable energy sources to power it.

Apple Execs Receive Up To $60M In Bonuses
2011-11-06 05:50:10

Recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveal that Apple paid some of its top executives outline stock bonuses of up to $60 million each.

2011-07-22 11:23:05

With Apple sitting on over $76 million in cash in the bank, there is no end to the number of ideas that tech pundits are suggesting that the gadget powerhouse might spend it on.

2008-09-11 09:33:49

Several of Apple Inc.’s current and former executives and directors, including CEO Steve Jobs, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and former CFO Fred Anderson, have agreed to settle a lawsuit that claimed the company was harmed by their role in Apple's mishandling of stock option grants.

2008-07-23 06:00:30

By John Markoff and Saul Hansell While warning that its profit margin will fall in the coming quarter, alarming investors, Apple is indicating that it has something really juicy to introduce before the end of September.

2008-07-23 06:00:15

By John Markoff Apple Computer, which has become the third-largest personal computer maker in the United States and a giant internationally, benefited from the significant market share gains of its Macintosh computer line as well as its continued domination of the digital music player business in its third quarter.

2008-07-23 00:00:46

SAN JOSE, Calif. _ The towering role of Steve Jobs at Apple was underscored this week when concerns about his health contributed to a sudden plunge the company's stock.

2008-07-22 12:10:00

News that Apple expects thinner profit margins sent shares of the consumer electronics maker plummeting. The prospect of diminished profitability through the rest of fiscal 2008 and into the following year overshadowed what was otherwise a blowout quarter.

2008-07-22 12:00:00

By John Boudreau, San Jose Mercury News, Calif. Jul. 22--Despite soaring profits and strong sales across Apple's product line over the past quarter, investors pounded the company's stock Monday because of its less-than-optimistic outlook for the rest of the year.

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