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Predicting The Rise Of Complex Societies With Mathematics
2013-09-24 05:10:23

[ Watch the Video: Math and History Collide ] redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A unique marriage of mathematics and history has helped researchers solve the mysteries surrounding the evolution of human society from small groups to the larger, more complex societies of the modern era. A trans-disciplinary team of experts from the University of Connecticut, the University of Exeter in England, and the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis...

2009-10-06 07:58:26

University of Connecticut professor explains how coin hoards signal population size University of Connecticut theoretical biologist Peter Turchin and Stanford University ancient historian Walter Scheidel recently developed a new method to estimate population trends in ancient Rome and waded into an intense, ongoing debate about whether the state's population increased or declined after the first century B.C. Using the region's abundance of coin hoards, bundles of buried Roman coins that...

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