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2008-07-22 13:55:00

Emergency officials said on Tuesday that at least 30 hungry bears have trapped a group of geologists at their remote survey site in Russia's far east after killing two of their co-workers last week. A spokesman for the Kamchatka emergency services ministry said the team of geologists on Russia's seismically active Kamchatka peninsula refused to leave their camp after the bears showed up. "In the interests of safety they didn't come out to work "” the people are scared by the invasion of...

2006-11-08 21:01:06

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY. Nov 8 (Interfax) - A criminal case has been launched against the captain of the Tomi Maru-53, a Japanese fishing trawler that was stopped by Russian coastguards in the Bering Sea on allegations of illegal fishing on November 2. The criminal case was launched on charges of violating fishing rules in Russia's exclusive economic zone, environmental protection prosecutor for Kamchatka Region Alexander Teplyakov told Interfax on Wednesday. "After the catch was...

2005-08-07 01:30:22

By Oliver Bullough MOSCOW (Reuters) - Rescuers cut free a Russian mini-submarine ensnared in deep-sea cables on Sunday, saving its seven crew with British help, after a three-day ordeal at the bottom of the Pacific with dwindling oxygen. "The operation is finished. At 7:17 a.m., the submarine broke the surface. The crew opened the hatch on their own," Rear Admiral Vladimir Pepelyaev said on state television. He said the seamen were put on a rescue ship to be taken to hospital in the far...

2005-08-06 02:28:28

MOSCOW (Reuters) - British and U.S. underwater rescue vehicles were airlifted on Saturday to Russia's Kamchatka peninsula to join efforts to save the crew of a mini-submarine stranded on the floor of the Pacific, news agencies said. Russian rescue mini-submarine AS-28 with seven crew members on board has been trapped 190 meters (600 feet) below the surface since Thursday off Russia's Pacific Coast. Officials say they have enough air for 24 hours. RIA quoted a Russian military spokesman in...

2005-08-06 01:11:20

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A British underwater rescue vehicle was airlifted on Saturday to Russia's Kamchatka peninsula to join efforts to save the crew of a mini-submarine stranded on the floor of the Pacific, RIA news agency said. RIA quoted a Russian military spokesman in Kamchatka as saying the British transport plane that delivered the Scorpio -- a remote-controlled underwater vehicle capable of descending 925 meters (3,035 feet) -- was being unloaded in the regional capital...

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