Latest Phantom Limb Stories

2015-02-04 12:21:38

Northwestern Medicine researchers begin clinical trial to review new treatment for chronic amputee pain CHICAGO, Feb.

Phantom Limb Pain Relieved With New Method
2014-02-26 11:47:38

Max Ortiz Catalan, researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, has developed a new method for the treatment of phantom limb pain (PLP) after an amputation.

Phantom Limb Sensations Replicated In Non-Amputees
2013-04-12 07:57:14

While many people who have had an arm or a leg amputated have described experiencing the sensation of having a “phantom limb,” a team of neuroscientists in Sweden has managed to duplicate the phenomenon with people who have not had a limb amputated.

Phantom Pain In Amputees Linked To The Brain
2013-03-06 05:38:54

A new brain imaging study from Oxford University reveals that the phantom pain many amputees feel in the missing limb is linked to changes in the brain that occur following amputation.

2011-01-19 23:23:23

An Inserm research team in Toulouse, led by Dr Stein Silva (Inserm Unit 825 "Brain imaging and neurological handicaps"), working with the "Modelling tissue and nociceptive stress" Host Team (MATN IFR 150), were interested in studying the illusions described by many patients under regional anaesthetic.

2010-09-25 01:33:11

After the loss of a limb, most patients experience the feeling of a phantom limb – the vivid illusion that the amputated arm or leg is still present.

2009-10-29 14:47:24

An f1000 evaluation examines how pain relief improves greatly when the sufferer can actually see the area where the pain is occurring.

2009-10-27 10:55:30

New research shows that amputees can "learn" to move their missing arm in an anatomically impossible way, in some cases making normal movement of that "phantom limb" more difficult.

2009-08-04 13:30:00

WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, Mike Roman, a racecar driver from Kirkwood, Missouri, testified in support of FDA preemption for medical devices at a hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

2008-09-07 03:00:14

By Billy Sloan THERE are still a few months until I choose my favourite records of 2008...but I've already reserved a place on the list for Phantom Limb. The Bristol band's brilliant new single - Don't Say A Word - is one of the most impressive debut records I've heard in years.