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Safari User Sues Google Over Alleged Privacy Rights Violations
2012-02-19 05:25:34

A user of the Safari web browser is suing Google, accusing the largest online search engine on the planet of violating his privacy rights in Apple's iPhone and iPad line of products, Bloomberg reported on Friday. According to reporters Phil Milford and Jef Feeley, the lawsuit was filed by Illinois resident Matthew Soble and stems from earlier reports claiming that Google was one of a handful of companies utilizing a piece of clandestine code to get around security settings in the Internet...

HTC Acquires Google Patents, Sues Apple
2011-09-10 04:25:28

  The ongoing legal battle between HTC and Apple has taken a strange new twist, as the Asian smartphone maker is using patents acquired from Google last week to pursue new infringement claims against the iPhone manufacturer. PC Magazine reporter Damon Poeter calls this latest development "an apparent 'enemy-of-my-enemy' twist" in the courtroom conflict between the mobile technology heavyweights. HTC's latest lawsuit against Apple was filed in a Delaware courtroom on Tuesday,...

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