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2014-02-18 23:28:32

GSky Plant Systems, Inc. has installed a living Green Wall at a major international airport in Chicago (PRWEB) February 18, 2014 GSky Plant Systems, Inc. is proud to showcase their latest installation of a living plant wall in O’Hare International Airport, a major international airport in Chicago. GSky has installed Green Walls in several airports across North America, and O’Hare International is one of the latest airports to go green with the addition of a vertical Green Wall. Living...

2012-04-19 23:00:50

Costa Farms O2 For You, Houseplants with a Purpose, lets you bring home earth´s natural air purifiers for health and well being on Earth Day Miami, Florida (PRWEB) April 19, 2012 Thank a plant on Earth Day. Silently and always “working”, these green heroes toil tirelessly to purify the environment, naturally cleansing the air and providing truly amazing health benefits! They filter indoor air 24/7 to sweep it clean from dangerous chemicals and toxins while continuously...

Utah Botanist Finds Smaller Amorphophallus Species
2012-02-08 04:57:01

New plant species from Madagascar smells like roadkill The famed "corpse flower" plant — known for its giant size, rotten-meat odor and phallic shape — has a new, smaller relative: A University of Utah botanist discovered a new species of Amorphophallus that is one-fourth as tall but just as stinky. The new species, collected on two small islands off Madagascar, brings to about 170 the number of species in the genus Amorphophallus, which is Greek for "misshapen penis"...

2009-09-08 09:00:21

Peat has been a major component of substrates used in container plant production since the 1960s. Highly porous with the capacity to hold water, peat makes an ideal rooting and growing medium for potted plants. But harvesting peat (and draining valuable peatlands in the process) releases the carbon stored in peat into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. And because peat plays an important role in wetland ecosystems"”peat bogs improve groundwater quality and are unique habitats for wild...

2009-08-07 09:20:00

Pet owners have heard the warnings to keep certain poisonous houseplants away from their pets, such as Dieffenbachia (dumbcane), Philodendron, peace lily, and pothos. For houseplants like these and others, the problem may not just be a poison, but the presence of tiny crystals throughout the plant.A discussion of plants may not bring to mind crystals; however, crystals are found in hundreds of plant families. Despite this, their purpose is not well-understood. Hypotheses include acting as a...

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