Latest Phosphatidic acid Stories

2009-09-21 09:52:31

New data on signaling proteins, called G proteins, may prove important in fighting diseases such as cardiovascular, neurodegenerative disorders, and cancer. For many decades scientists have puzzled on "How signaling proteins transport and organize in specific areas of the cell?" Researchers from Nano-Science Center and Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology provide yet unrecognized clues to solve this mystery. - We now begin to understand how signaling proteins recognize and transport to...

2008-09-06 03:00:06

An unsuccessful anxiety drug may open a novel gateway for the treatment of cancer, Scandinavian researchers suggest. Siramesine -- a drug molecule developed by Lundbeck A/S to treat anxiety but discontinued due to unsatisfying trials -- was first shown to inhibit the growth of cultured cancer cells as well as that of solid tumors in mice by Danish scientists. Researchers at the University of Helsinki, led by Paavo Kinnunen, are studying how the drug may promote apoptosis -- programmed...

2008-07-25 03:00:21

By Churchward, Matthew A Rogasevskaia, Tatiana; Brandman, David M; Khosravani, Houman; Nava, Phillip; Atkinson, Jeffrey K; Coorssen, Jens R ABSTRACT The Ca^sup 2+^-triggered merger of two apposed membranes is the defining step of regulated exocytosis. CHOL is required at critical levels in secretory vesicle membranes to enable efficient, native membrane fusion: CHOL-sphingomyelin enriched microdomains organize the site and regulate fusion efficiency, and CHOL directly supports the capacity...

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