Latest Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Stories

Early Death Associated With Weaker Adolescents
2012-11-21 14:09:36

According to new findings published in the British Medical Journal, low muscle strength in adolescence is associated with a greater risk of early death.

Key To Child Fitness Is Intensity, Not Duration
2012-11-10 10:00:34

Children may need less than 10 minutes of taxing exercise per day to stay fit and healthy, but many of them aren't even getting that.

2012-10-29 23:04:22

Using peer mentors to enhance school-day physical activity in elementary aged students has been given an A+ from Nova Scotia researchers.

2012-10-29 12:29:12

A regular exercise routine can make you fitter than ever – mentally fit.

Exercise More, Love Life More
2012-10-26 18:21:30

Feeling down in the dumps? Go for a run. Already run every day? Go for a longer run than usual.

Older People Who Exercise Have Less Brain Shrinkage
2012-10-23 11:05:37

Physical exercise at any age is good for the body. But those who are later in their years may have a better reason to continue exercising than worrying about their figure.

2012-10-15 14:33:12

Playing soccer (football) could be the best way for people with high blood pressure, known as hypertension, to improve their fitness, normalize their blood pressure and reduce their risk of stroke.

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