Get Kids Moving After School To Enhance Cognition

Get Kids Moving After School To Enhance Cognition

Diana Yates, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign A nine-month-long, randomized controlled trial involving 221 prepubescent children found that those who engaged in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day...

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2014-09-24 23:12:05

Novera Fitness, an athletic and recovery center based in Golden, has announced that they will be bringing the innovative cryosauna to Colorado. The cryosauna has been used for recovery by athletes for years, and uses air cooled to -190ºF or more to decrease inflammation and pain while supercharging blood to promote faster healing and recovery. Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) September 24, 2014 Novera Fitness, an athletic and recovery center based in Golden, is bringing the state-of-the-art...

childs play
2014-09-22 03:00:59

William Raillant-Clark, University of Montreal While public health authorities focus on the physical activity benefits of active play, a new study from the University of Montreal reveals that for children, playing has no goal – it is an end in itself, an activity that is fun, done alone or with friends, and it represents "an opportunity to experience excitement or pleasure, but also to combat boredom, sadness, fear, or loneliness.” "By focusing on the physical activity aspect of...

2014-09-11 08:28:13

Physical activity alone is not enough to reach weight loss goals; New technology integration pairs activity tracking with Weight Watchers tools and support to make smart food choices NEW YORK, Sept. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Weight Watchers International, Inc. (NYSE: WTW) is announcing today seamless syncing with popular activity monitors and apps, bringing millions of fitness wearable users the opportunity for a more complete and integrated weight loss experience. Making changes to...

get up and move
2014-09-09 08:58:31

Saurabh Thosar, Indiana University An Indiana University study has found that three easy -- one could even say slow -- five-minute walks can reverse harm caused to leg arteries during three hours of prolonged sitting. Sitting for long periods of time, like many people do daily at their jobs, is associated with risk factors such as higher cholesterol levels and greater waist circumference that can lead to cardiovascular and metabolic disease. When people sit, slack muscles do not...

2014-09-08 23:10:04

Integrating Heart Rate and All-day Activity Data, Empowering Users to Lead Healthier Lives Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) September 08, 2014 Digifit®, a leading mobile-health technology company and developer of the heart rate monitoring, team and corporate wellness apps, announced today the data integration partnership with Misfit, creators of the popular Shine activity tracker. Users can now integrate steps, daily caloric burn, activity, sleep and other valuable health information from...

One Hour Of Moderate Exercise A Day Could Decrease Risk Of Heart Failure
2014-09-03 03:21:10

American Heart Association In a new study reported in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Heart Failure, researchers say more than an hour of moderate or half an hour of vigorous exercise per day may lower your risk of heart failure by 46 percent. Heart failure is a common, disabling disease that accounts for about 2 percent of total healthcare costs in industrialized countries. Risk of death within five years of diagnosis is 30 percent to 50 percent, researchers said....

2014-08-29 12:24:05

Fitness Expert Says Athletes of All Ages Are Overtraining DALLAS, Aug. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas fitness expert Bobby Whisnand urges coaches, trainers and parents to be cautious and not over train young athletes preparing for the upcoming football season. Bobby Whisnand, fitness expert for the Dallas division of the American Heart Association, Cooper Clinic Certified Personal Trainer, and ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Therapy and Sports Nutrition is the founder and...

2014-08-27 16:23:23

Ongoing, comprehensive fitness and nutrition regimens may prevent bone and muscle deterioration, injury and disease ROSEMONT, Ill., Aug. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Being physically active may significantly improve musculoskeletal and overall health, and minimize or delay the effects of aging, according to a review of the latest research on senior athletes (ages 65 and up) appearing in the September issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS). It long...

2014-08-26 23:13:02

New Brain Training Program Tailored to Meet the Needs and Preferences of the Boomer Generation Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2014 Dakim, Inc., a leader in the development of clinically proven brain fitness programs, has just released a new online brain training program aimed specifically at Boomers, for whom, according to a 2012 AARP survey, "leeping their mind sharp" is their number one priority. “For those of us over 50, warning signs like forgetting why we walked...

2014-08-23 03:00:49

American Heart Association Rapid Access Journal Report Increasing the amount or intensity of physical activity can cut the chances of older women developing a life-threatening irregular heartbeat, according to new research in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA). Researchers found that post-menopausal women, enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative, who were the most physically active had a 10 percent lower risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF), compared to...

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