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2008-06-26 09:02:19

Enteroviruses generally cause mild disease; however, neonates are at higher risk for severe illness because of the immaturity of their immune systems. Neonatal systemic enterovirus disease, characterized by multiorgan involvement, is among the most serious, potentially fatal conditions associated with enterovirus infection. Typical clinical presentations include encephalomyocarditis (characteristic of group B coxsackieviruses) and hemorrhage-hepatitis syndrome (typical of echovirus 11) (1,2)....

2008-06-26 06:01:36

Text of report in English by Taiwanese Central News Agency website [By Y.F. Low] Taipei, June 26 (CNA) - The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed Thursday another death caused by enterovirus, bringing to nine the total number of fatalities from the viral infection so far this year. The latest victim was a four-month-old girl in the southern county of Yunlin, who was hospitalized June 17 one day after she displayed symptoms typical of enterovirus infection, including fever,...

2008-06-21 12:00:03

By Ted Bridis Associated Press WASHINGTON -- An outbreak of one of the most contagious animal diseases from any of five locations the White House is considering for a new high-security research laboratory would be more devastating to the U.S. economy than from the isolated island laboratory where such research is now conducted, says a report published Friday. The 1,005-page Homeland Security Department study said chances of such an outbreak -- with estimated losses of more than $4.2...

2008-06-19 15:00:39

According to news.gov.hk: The Centre for Health Protection has advised St James' Settlement Kathleen McDouall Kindergarten Child Care Centre in Wan Chai to suspend classes for two weeks after six students developed hand-foot-mouth disease symptoms. Five students fell ill from June 4 to 12. A five-year-old boy was confirmed to have been infected with Enterovirus-71 on June 11. He was admitted to Queen Mary Hospital and was discharged. The other children required no hospitalisation. Although...

2008-06-19 09:01:08

Text of report in English by Taiwanese Central News Agency website [By Y.F. Low] Taipei, June 19 (CNA) - The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed four more cases of severe enteroviral infection Thursday, bringing the total number of such cases to 208 so far this year. The four new cases included one in the eastern county of Hualien - the first severe enteroviral infection recorded in the county this year, said CDC Deputy Director-General Chou Jih-haw. Chou said all four...

2008-05-23 15:10:00

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday that a virus that typically causes a mild infection killed at least five babies in the United States last year.The CDC said the virus was involved in an unusually high number of severe infections in newborns last year, but they are not certain of the reason.Coxsackievirus B1 (CVB1) is an enterovirus that usually does not cause serious infections but is capable of severe and potentially life-threatening illness in...

2008-05-05 11:55:00

The number of children sickened with hand, foot and mouth disease in China jumped to over 9,700 cases on Monday. The Official Xinhua News Agency said that enterovirus 71, one of several viruses that cause the disease, has been blamed for at least 24 deaths in the central province of Anhui and Guangdong province in the south. One child in Guangdong and another in Zhejiang also died of hand, foot and mouth disease but they're not sure which strain of virus killed them. Infections of 8,573...

2008-04-12 00:05:00

The Bush Administration is likely to move its research on foot-and-mouth virus from an isolated lab in the Long Island Sound to the U.S. mainland near herds of livestock, prompting concerns about a catastrophic outbreak. The existing lab is 100 miles northeast of New York City and accessible only by ferry or helicopter. Researchers there who work with the live virus are not permitted to own animals at home that would be susceptible. The new site could be selected later this year, and the lab...

2008-02-13 03:00:15

By Wong, Kum Thong Munisamy, Badmanathan; Ong, Kien Chai; Kojima, Hideaki; Noriyo, Nagata; Chua, Kaw Bing; Ong, Beng Beng; Nagashima, Kazuo Abstract Previous neuropathologic studies of Enterovirus 71 encephalomyelitis have not investigated the anatomic distribution of inflammation and viral localization in the central nervous system (CNS) in detail. We analyzed CNS and non-CNS tissues from 7 autopsy cases from Malaysia and found CNS inflammation patterns to be distinct and stereotyped....

2008-02-04 14:25:00

Scientists at London's Imperial College have created a genetically engineered mouse that is nonresistant to the virus causing most colds, opening the door for extensive research into finding a cure for coughs, sneezes and even more serious conditions such as asthma. The virus had previously only infected humans and chimpanzees, but scientists say that this breakthrough could potentially expedite the discovery of a cure, according to AFP.Professor Sebastian Johnston led the research which was...

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2011-02-23 17:23:51

Poliovirus, the causative agent of poliomyelitis and a member of the family of Picornaviridae, is a human enterovirus. It is composed of an RNA genome that is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA. It was first isolate in 1909 and was published in 1981. It is one of the most well characterized viruses and has become a useful model system for understanding the biology of RNA viruses. It infects human cells by binding to an immunoglobulin-like receptor on the cell surface. The three...

2011-01-24 12:50:52

Hepatitis A, caused by hepatitis A virus, is an acute infectious disease of the liver that is transmitted person to person by ingestion of contaminated food or water or through direct contact with an infectious person. Millions of people are believed to become infected with HAV every year. The incubation period is two to six weeks and on average is 28 days. In less developed countries the HAV is usually contracted in early childhood. Clean water helps to decrease contraction of HAV. In 90%...

2011-01-12 16:40:04

Foot-and-mouth disease, FMD, is sometimes fatal and is highly contagious for cloven-hoofed animals. Along with hooved animals hedgehogs and elephants are susceptible to the disease as well. Llama and alpaca can develop mild symptoms but are resistant to the disease and don't pass it to other species. Mice, rats, and chickens have been infected artificially in a lab but it is not believed they can contract the disease under natural conditions. Humans can spread the disease by carrying the...

2011-01-11 14:10:55

Human rhinoviruses are the most common viral ineffective agents in humans and are the cause of the common cold. The infection proliferates between 33-35 °C causing most reproduction to occur in the nose. It is a species in the genus Enterovirus of the Picornaviridae family of viruses. There are 99 recognized types of Human Rhinoviruses that are differentiated by their surface proteins. They are amongst the smallest viruses and lytic in nature. They travel via aerosols of respiratory...

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