Latest Piezoelectric accelerometer Stories

2012-03-02 14:18:32

Research will lead to better more efficient harvesting devices Scientists working as part of the Metrology for Energy Harvesting Project have developed a new model to deliver the maximum power output for piezoelectric energy harvesters. Piezoelectric materials convert electrical energy into a strain (or vice-versa). The best known use of piezoelectricity is for medical ultrasound. Piezoelectric energy harvesters utilise energy from unwanted mechanical vibrations, such as the rattling...

2011-11-18 03:29:48

Integrating a complex, single-crystal material with "giant" piezoelectric properties onto silicon, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers and physicists can fabricate low-voltage, near-nanoscale electromechanical devices that could lead to improvements in high-resolution 3-D imaging, signal processing, communications, energy harvesting, sensing, and actuators for nanopositioning devices, among others. Led by Chang-Beom Eom, a UW-Madison professor of materials science and engineering and...

2010-09-14 22:08:44

Piezoelectric materials have fantastic properties: squeeze them and they generate an electrical field. And vice-versa, they contract or expand when jolted with an electrical pulse. With a name derived from the Greek word meaning to squeeze or press, the piezoelectric effect was just a curiosity after it was discovered in several crystals in 1880. But in 1917, a quartz piezoelectric crystal was at the heart of the world's first submarine-detecting sonar. Piezoelectric materials really took off...

2008-12-04 16:05:00

Scientists at Texas A&M University have successfully doubled the efficiency of piezoelectric devices that gather energy from movement and vibrations.The work could mean that devices such as "self-powered" phones that charge when you speak into them are one step closer to reality.The piezoelectric effect occurs in some ceramic and crystalline and materials. Stretching or compressing the materials causes a separation of electric charge across their width, which establishes a voltage.The...

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