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2008-01-30 14:35:00

Scientists in the U.S. and Japan are developing new devices they've saved for a rainy day.BBC News reported that an American company has developed a smart umbrella with the ability to alert its users of weather forecasts for 150 U.S. locations via Accuweather.com. The umbrella contains a radio receiver in the handle, which activates a flashing light to warn of approaching rain or snow. The higher the probability of rain or snow, the faster the light begins to flash.Also, in Tokyo, scientists...

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Types of Clouds
2012-07-19 17:40:55

The above cloud is known as a towering cumulus cloud or TCU for short. TCU clouds are a form of cumulus clouds. They are the second stage of the cumulus family. The thing that makes these clouds unique is the vertical extent of them. They can extend very high into the atmosphere and sometimes they form in multiple rows. Towering Cumulus clouds can bring waterspouts when they are over the open waters and they are responsible for heavy rain. TCU Clouds have two types of air within them. They...

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