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2009-03-21 17:04:48

Amy Poehler's new TV series may draw some of its inspiration from the parks department in Lafayette, Ind., a city official says. As it turns out, staff of the NBC series Parks and Recreation contacted the city of Lafayette to do some research, the Journal & Courier in Lafayette reported Saturday. Parks and Recreation, which is to premier April 9 with Poehler playing city parks deputy director Leslie Knope, is set in the fictional Indiana city of Pawnee. Pawnee is based on a city the size...

2009-02-24 20:03:07

Patsy's Italian Restaurant in New York says it plans to preview a new line of Italian wines inspired by the former TV mob drama, The Sopranos. The Manhattan eatery said Tuesday its special Sopranos Wine tasting menu will be introduced to the public March 9 and be available through April 6. The menu features a five-course traditional Neapolitan dinner paired with The Sopranos Wines from Vesuvio Import Co. for $75 per person, plus tax and tip. Vesuvio was a restaurant prominently featured on...

2009-02-23 13:17:54

Sci Fi Channel says it has begun production in Toronto on its newest original series Warehouse 13. The one-hour dramedy series will star Eddie McClintock from Bones and Desperate Housewives; Joanne Kelly from The Dresden Files and Vanished; and Saul Rubinek from Blind Justice and Frasier. The new show from Universal Cable Productions is to premiere in July 2009 with 11 episodes, including the previously produced two-hour pilot. After saving the life of the president, two Secret Service...

2009-01-21 15:33:05

U.S. writer-producer Rob Thomas says he is working on a big-screen follow-up to his critically acclaimed, now-defunct TV series Veronica Mars. The show, which was canceled after three seasons due to low ratings, followed a resourceful, fast-talking private detective through high school and college. E! News said it looks like Kristen Bell will reprise her role of Veronica in a movie version of Mars now that Thomas's latest show Cupid has been cut from 13 episodes to eight this season. What...

2009-01-15 21:27:28

Amy Poehler's new, as-yet-untitled, comedy series is a mockumentary about a bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Ind., NBC said. Little was known about the show before the network's announcement Thursday. From The Office producers Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, the comedy looks at the exciting world of local government and is slated to premiere April 9, the network said. The documentary cameras follow Leslie Knope (played by Poehler,) a mid-level bureaucrat in the...

2009-01-11 21:24:39

30 Rock was named best TV comedy series and its stars Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey best actor and actress at the Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills, Calif. Thank you, Fey -- the show's executive producer, writer and star -- said as she collected her best actress award Sunday night. I have always loved the Hollywood Foreign Press. As a kid, I had all of the Hollywood Foreign Press action figures. Assuming a more serious tone, Fey added, I really know how very lucky I am to have the year that...

2009-01-07 20:04:19

USA Network says it has ordered 11 episodes of the new original series Royal Pains, starring Mark Feuerstein. Feuerstein has appeared in the films Practical Magic, What Women Want, Woman on Top and In Her Shoes, as well as in the television series Good Morning Miami. Royal Pains is the first original series production from Universal Cable Productions for USA Network. The show will co-star Paulo Costanzo from Joey, Jill Flint from Gossip Girl and Reshma Shetty from 30 Rock. The announcement...

2008-12-03 15:41:00

Series Star & Executive Producer David Duchovny & Co. Resume Production Next Spring on Season Three's 12 Episodes LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- It's back to bed for SHOWTIME with the 3rd season pick-up of the Golden Globe(R) Award-winning comedy series CALIFORNICATION, it was announced today by Robert Greenblatt, SHOWTIME President of Entertainment. Series star and executive producer David Duchovny, who won a Golden Globe(R) Award for his work as 'Hank Moody,' a novelist...

2008-12-05 11:40:00

NASA has assigned the crews for space shuttle missions STS-130 and STS-131. The STS-130 mission will deliver a third connecting module to the International Space Station and a seven-windowed cupola to be used as a control room for robotics. The STS-131 mission will deliver research and science experiment equipment, a new sleeping area and supplies to the station in a logistics module carried in the shuttle's payload bay. Marine Col. George Zamka will command the shuttle Endeavour during...

2008-12-04 14:06:14

Production on the third season of the U.S. television comedy Californication is slated to begin next spring, Showtime has announced. The announcement was made Wednesday by Robert Greenblatt, the cable television network's president of entertainment. Series star and executive producer David Duchovny, who won a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of Hank Moody, a novelist with weaknesses for sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, has signed on for the next season, which is to premiere late next year...

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Gregory Johnson
2012-10-22 11:08:31

Gregory Johnson is a NASA astronaut and a former colonel in the United States Air Force. He was born Gregory Harold "Box" Johnson on May 12, 1962 in South Ruislip, Middlesex, United Kingdom. Throughout his childhood, he became an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.. He graduated from Park Hills High School in Fairborn, Ohio in 1980 and went on to attend the United States Air Force Academy, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering in 1984. He was...

Bathocyroe fosteri
2014-01-05 00:00:00

Bathocyroe fosteri is a species of lobate ctenophore found in all oceans around the world. It is typically found at intermediate depths and is very abundant near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This deep-sea comb jelly is named for Alvin (DSV-2) pilot Dudley Foster, who is credited with first collecting the specimens. This specimen measures about two inches tall and is bioluminescent. This species, as well as other ctenophores, reproduce sexually, with little to know self-fertilization known....

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