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2013-12-18 23:29:55

Pine solidifies its position in the rental market of undisputed leader by supplying customers the instruments they need, when they need them. Windsor, NJ (PRWEB) December 18, 2013 Over the past year Pine has committed a significant investment in its equipment, and to its customers. What does it take to be the rental leader to the Environmental Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing, CEMs and Specialty Gas industries? It requires equipment, and lots of it. In 2013 alone Pine has spent over...

2013-10-28 23:27:38

PineNutOil.org, the leading producer and supplier of Siberian Pine Nut Oil, is now offering 50 percent off shipping costs to Australia and New Zealand. PineNutOil.org sells only the highest-quality, 100 percent cold-pressed pine nut oil products. New York, NY (PRWEB) October 28, 2013 PineNutOil.org announces a new discount in shipping costs – consumers in Australia and New Zealand can now receive 50 percent off shipping costs on all pine nut oil products. Aside from the best-selling...

2013-10-03 23:36:40

PineNutOil.org remind seniors that pine nut oil is a great way to keep the body healthy as it grows older. New York, NY (PRWEB) October 03, 2013 PineNutOil.org reminds everyone that a regular regiment of pine nut oil consumption helps lead to a healthy body, something that matters most when approaching the senior citizen years. Some of the common health issues that reside in our senior population include problems with the stomach, digestion, ulcers and the overall gastrointestinal tract....

2013-07-30 23:31:16

PineNutOil.Org, the leading manufacturer and supplier of Siberian pine nut oil, announces new client testimonials which remind consumers of the oil’s ability to naturally fight parasites and cleanse the human body. New York, NY (PRWEB) July 30, 2013 The leading manufacturer and supplier of Siberian pine nut oil, PineNutOil.Org, announces new client testimonials on it's Facebook page, which remind consumers of the oil's all-natural ability to fight parasites and cleanse the human...

2013-06-27 23:31:41

Siberian Pine announces four recipes including pine nut oil for those a raw foods diet. New York, NY (PRWEB) June 27, 2013 Just in time for summer, Siberian Pine, the world’s leading producer and distributor of Siberian pine nut oil, is announcing four great recipes to cook and stay healthy these coming summer months. These delicious concoctions are perfectly designed for those living a raw foods diet. Pine nut oil is a fantastic addition to a diet where the restrictions constitute raw...

2013-06-19 23:21:04

With Men´s Health Month underway here in June, the leading producer and supplier of Siberian pine nut oil, PineNutOil.org, reminds those suffering from stomach ulcers of the all-natural healing elements within pine nut oil. New York, NY (PRWEB) June 19, 2013 Men often deal with gastrointestinal health issues as they get older and do not pay close attention to what they are consuming on a daily basis. With Men´s Health Month underway here in June, the leading producer and supplier...

Is The Future Of Whitebark Pine Trees At Risk
2013-06-10 14:31:25

National Science Foundation Widespread tree death from beetle infestations, tree disease outbreaks affecting seed production There's trouble ahead for the whitebark pine, a mountain tree that's integral to wildlife and water resources in the western United States and Canada. Over the last decade, some populations of whitebark pines have declined by more than 90 percent. But these declines may be just the beginning. New research results, supported by the National Science Foundation...

2013-06-04 23:27:34

PineNutOil.org reaffirms their commitment to healthy eaters everywhere by reminding the public that pine nut oil is to be considered a part of a healthy raw foods diet. New York, NY (PRWEB) June 04, 2013 Today, PineNutOil.org, the world´s leading producer and distributor of pine nut oil, reaffirms their commitment to healthy eaters around the globe. They are reminding those who choose to partake in an immensely nutrient rich and healthy diet that pine nut oil is a great ingredient...

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Western White Pine, Pinus monticola
2014-07-15 13:59:55

Western white pine (Pinus monticola) grows in the mountains of the western United States and Canada growing in the Rocky Mountains, The Sierra Nevada, the Cascade Range, as well as growing along the Coast. The pine is also known as silver pine or Idaho pine as it is that states tree. The Western White pine grows at different elevations depending on its region. In Canada it is found growing from sea level up to 3,940 feet and in Washington state it grows up to 6,070 feet above sea level. In...

Smooth-bark Mexican Pine, Pinus pseudostrobus
2014-07-15 13:42:04

Smooth-bark Mexican pine (Pinus pseudostrobus) grows near Northern El Salvador, the highlands in Guatemala, and West Honduras and central Mexico. This tree has also been introduced to New Zealand. Fifteen mature Mexican pines can be found in the Palo Verde County Park located in Imperial County, CA. This tree grows from heights of 65.6 feet to 131.2 feet and occasionally may reach 147.6 feet. It can be found growing from 4265 feet in elevation to 10,660 feet; although, this tree has done...

Montezuma Pine, Pinus montezumae
2014-07-15 13:27:17

Montezuma pine (Pinus montezumae) is native to Mexico and Central America and grows in the mountain ranges. This tree is known as ocote by the locals of Mexico. This tree has been planted successfully at mid altitudes in South Africa and Queensland, Australia, and at high altitudes in Kenya, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Bolivia. Trees planted in New Zealand and New South Wales, Australia have done well at sea level. The Montezuma pine grows at 6,562-10,500 feet above sea level where...

Macedonian Pine, Pinus peuce
2014-07-15 13:08:24

Macedonian Pine (Pinus peuce) is native to Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, southwest Serbia, as well as the extreme north of Greece. This pine has been neutralized and grows in Eastern Finland. This pine grows best at altitudes between 3,281feet and 7,218 feet with a few growing as low as 1,969 feet and as high as 7,546 feet. This pine tolerates shade as well as extreme cold, and grows in rocky soils that are acidic and poor in nutrients. This tree grows to heights...

Limber Pine, Pinus flexilis
2014-07-15 12:33:20

Limber Pine (Pinus flexilis) grows in the sub-alpine mountainous regions of the Western United States, Mexico, and Canada, with a small cropping found in the Black Hills in South Dakota. One of the oldest trees to be documented is found in Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon and is reported to be 2000 years old. This pine is also known as the Southwestern White Pine and Rocky Mountain White Pine. The Limber pine is drought tolerant and grows at high elevations (5000-12,000 feet) marking the...

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