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The Pirate Bay Running The Blockade
2012-07-17 05:45:58

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online A blockade is only successful if those trying to maintain it can actually provide enough of a screen to thwart attempts to run it. The larger the area to blockade the greater the chances blockade runners will find a hole and thus get through. In the case of piracy in the digital era it can be challenging indeed simply because the runners need not find holes, in many cases they can create them or just come up with more novel...

The Pirate Bay Facing Dutch Court Blockade
2012-05-11 11:00:55

Peter Suciu for RedOrbit.com At one point the infamous pirate Edward Teach — better known as Blackbeard — probably believed himself to be the most resilient pirate in the world, but he still ended up dead on the deck on his ship, a fate shared by many in his profession. Labeling one´s self a pirate was never historically the best way to ensure a happy ending, so their story could be a warning to the so-called modern day digital pirates as well. The Swedish website The...

Britain's High Court Orders Block Of File-sharing Site The Pirate Bay
2012-05-01 07:38:20

Britain´s leading Internet service providers must begin blocking the file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, the nation´s High Court ruled on Monday. The order follows a lawsuit filed by major record labels, including Sony and EMI, who accused Britain´s top ISPs of facilitating the infringement of their copyrights by not preventing access to The Pirate Bay. The Swedish file-sharing website hosts links to download pirated free music, games, videos and software, including...

2010-11-27 08:00:00

A Swedish appeals court upheld the copyright convictions of three men behind The Pirate Bay, which is a popular file-sharing site that remains in operations. The Svea Appeals Court agreed with a lower court ruling that found Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundstrom guilty of helping users to break Sweden's copyright law. "The appeals court, like the district court, finds that the service Pirate Bay has facilitated illegal file sharing in a way which is punishable for those who carried out...

2010-08-18 06:25:00

The Swedish Pirate Party has signed an agreement to host several WikiLeaks servers in a move to protect the Web site from pressure over its release of roughly 76,000 classified documents related to the U.S. war in Afghanistan, the party said on Tuesday. The move will also aim to strengthen WikiLeaks' ability to disclose potentially controversial content in the future, said the party, which works toward promoting greater Internet freedom. Indeed, WikiLeaks is set to release an additional...

2009-08-26 12:33:39

The Swedish Pirate Bay file-sharing Web site is back online after it was temporarily shut down by its former Internet Service Provider. A Stockholm court threatened to fine the ISP Black Internet if it didn't drop The Pirate Bay after several movie and music companies sued the Web site for allowing their products to be downloaded without permission. The Pirate Bay was out of commission as of Tuesday night, but the BBC said the file-sharing Web site has since gone back online thanks to a new...

2009-04-19 11:03:19

More than 1,000 people turned out across Sweden to protest the convictions of the Web operators of Pirate Bay for illegal file-sharing, activists said. Protest leader Malin Littorin-Ferm of the Pirate Party's Ung Pirat youth league said the Swedish government was trying to control the Internet by convicting the operators of the popular Swedish Web site, the Swedish news agency tt said Sunday. We young people have a whole platform on the Internet, where we have all our social contacts -- it is...

2007-05-21 15:00:20

By Doreen Carvajal Relakks, a tiny Web company based on the southern tip of Sweden, prides itself on its official "pirate" endorsements and its swashbuckling circumvention of online barriers erected by governments and corporations. Not quite the stuff of Pirates of the Baltic Sea, perhaps, but the company has been a forceful proponent of a free and open Internet community. Relakks is planning its next move with a service - now in beta testing - that would allow computer users to shop online...

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