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2006-07-18 01:58:25

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Princess Kiko, who is pregnant with a possible heir to the throne, needs a Caesarean operation and the baby, due in late September, may be born early, Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday, quoting a palace doctor. Kyodo also said Princess Kiko would not immediately be hospitalized but would rest at home. It added that the baby was developing normally. Kyodo said earlier that Princess Kiko -- the wife of Emperor Akihito's younger son -- had symptoms of...

2006-05-25 07:26:39

By Patricia Reaney LONDON (Reuters) - Techniques used in fertility treatments may increase the risk of a complication during pregnancy, Norwegian scientists said on Thursday. They found what they believe is the first evidence to show that women who have conceived through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) are more likely to suffer from placenta praevia, a serious condition which can be dangerous for both mother and child. "We found a six-fold higher risk of placenta praevia in women who...

2006-04-06 14:41:05

By Clementine Wallace NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Waiting 30 to 45 seconds before clamping the umbilical cord of very low birth weight infants -- those weighing less than 1500 grams -- seems to protect them against bleeding in the brain and the development of blood infections later on, researchers report. The strategy seems to benefit boys especially. "While countries in Europe tend to wait before clamping these children's umbilical cord, the current practice in the United States is...

2005-11-17 19:04:34

LONDON (Reuters) - Women who suffer certain complications during pregnancy are more likely to develop premature cardiovascular disease, according to a study published on Friday. Scientists at the University of Toronto in Canada said expectant mothers with maternal placental syndrome, which includes pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy, had double the risk of developing early cardiovascular disease. The odds increased further if their infant's growth was restricted...

2005-11-14 14:25:00

NEW YORK -- Researchers from Belgium have found that a pregnant woman's ability to metabolize fats is determined not only by her own genetic makeup but that of her infants as well. Dr. Olivier S. Descamps from Universite Catholique de Louvain and colleagues report their discovery in the Journal of Lipid Research. "The finding was surprising because it is not expected that the fetus could influence the lipid levels of the mothers," Descamps told Reuters Health. On the other hand, "it makes...

2004-11-26 03:00:10

Key words: LEPTlN, PRE-ECLAMPSIA, DOPPLER FLOW VELOCIMETRY ABSTRACT Altered Dopplerflow velodmetry of the uterine arteries during the second trimester is correlated with the risk of developing pre- edampsia. Serum levels ofleptin, a protein regulating body weight and secreted by the placenta, are higher in women with severe pre- eclampsia. We investigated whether alterations of uterine arteries' Doppler flow velodmetry during the early second-trimester scan were accompanied by changes in...

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