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2008-08-18 12:00:28

By Ben Sutherly Staff Writer MIAMI TWP., Montgomery County -- In March, Rick Stanforth noticed the upper limb of a pine showing signs of stress at Cox Arboretum MetroPark. By May, more limbs were dying and on Aug. 7, workers cut the pine down. It was one of 30 droughtstressed trees to die in the past two years at the park. Last summer, the Miami Valley was in the midst of near-drought conditions and the damage is revealing itself this summer. Stanforth, the new park manager, said he...

2008-07-14 03:00:21

Plant out bulbs of cannas and lilies potted up earlier in the season. Remove the growing points from early peas which have finished flowering to concentrate energies on pod production. Boost gladioli with a liquid feed every two weeks from now through to the first appearance of the flower. Plant 'De Caen' anemone corms under cloches for flowering in the autumn and winter. Deadhead border plants that have finished flowering, such as lupins, to prevent them from setting seed and...

2008-04-10 10:25:00

Angiosperms, or flowering plants, are the most diverse group of plants on the planet with at least 260,000 species. They are also one of the most mysterious."The sudden appearance of flowers in the fossil record over 100 million years ago represents a great mystery," explained Claude dePamphilis. "Did the earliest flowers possess the full complement of genetic information needed to assemble a modern flower? What was the driver of the diversification of floral developmental pathways? Are there...

2007-06-29 18:05:00

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - Bamboo-like plants that grow taller than adults have choked out native plants in a marsh that once teemed with life at Maumee Bay State Park along Lake Erie. Wild flowers at the park have disappeared. Migrating birds have gone elsewhere. The parkland has changed so much that naturalist Dana Bollin no longer leads tours past the common reed grass towering along Maumee Bay's boardwalk. "I hate to spend an hour talking about invasive plants," she said. Environmental groups...

2006-12-27 09:20:59

WASHINGTON -- Fifteen years of warm winter weather is beginning to change the Washington area's landscape - with Southern species like crape myrtles having an easier time and northern types feeling less welcome, according to findings by the National Arbor Day Foundation. The foundation has revised its map of "hardiness zones" - with each of the nine zones showing a range of average annual low temperatures that help serve as a guide for gardeners and others. One big change was that the...

2006-10-16 08:47:39

In the history of life on earth, one intriguing mystery is how plants made the transition from water to land and then went on to diversify into the array of vegetation we see today, from simple mosses and liverworts to towering redwoods. A research team led by University of Michigan evolutionary biologist Yin-Long Qiu has new findings that help resolve long-debated questions about the origin and evolution of land plants. The work will be published online in the Proceedings of the National...

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Flower garden
2013-08-21 08:27:49

Flower gardens, used for beautification purposes, contain various flowering plants providing blooms all year long and can be elaborate or simple. Flower gardens come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Formal flower gardens are planned out and serve as a multi-function garden, such as growing herbs around the border of a flower garden with edible blooms. Shrubs are also used in creating flower gardens suitable for plants requiring shade. A haphazard flower garden is one that is allowed to...

Perennial Plant
2013-04-27 08:01:21

Perennial plants live for two years or more. Perennials differ from annuals and biennials with annuals replanted every year and biennials every other year. Perennial’s that bloom during spring and summer will die back in autumn, rest during the winter, then re-grow the following spring from the existing root-stock; these are also known as deciduous perennials. If the climate is continually warm, a perennial will continually grow and produce flowers and or fruit. A perennial relocated from...

Biennial Plant
2013-04-27 07:50:37

Biennial plants have a two year life cycle; roots, stems and leaves in the first year with flowers following the next year after a cold winter dormant period. Biennials will produce seed and fruit before dying. There are not as many biennial plants as there are perennials or annuals. Biennial plants, when exposed to extreme climate conditions, may have a shortened life cycle of a few months especially if the plants were exposed to colder than normal temperatures. Most biennials can be...

Annual Plant
2013-04-27 07:44:51

Annuals are plants that flower and/or set fruit in one growing season. Most vegetables are annuals as well as domesticated grains. Vegetables such as carrot and celery are biennials grown as an annual whereas tomato and bell pepper are perennials and grown as an annual. Annuals grow well mixed in with perennials and biennials. There are also ornamental flowers that are perennials in one region and an annual in another. An annual can produce seeds that continue the life cycle in as little...

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