Latest Plasmodium berghei Stories

2009-12-01 07:21:22

Malaria parasites are able to disguise themselves to avoid the host's immune system.

2009-11-12 12:43:58

Top scientists reveal the latest innovations in genetically modified mosquitoes, new diagnostic tests and mapping mosquito migrations.

2009-10-02 09:44:15

Scientists identify gene behind malaria-resistant mosquitoes.

2009-07-31 15:54:33

Scientists in Singapore, The Netherlands and France say they developed a novel immunization method against the life-threatening malaria parasite.

2009-07-30 12:52:39

In this week's New England Journal of Medicine, scientists in Singapore, The Netherlands and France report that they have developed a novel immunization method that will induce fast and effective protection in humans against the life-threatening malaria parasite

2009-07-30 11:10:00

A new study suggests that scientists may finally be on the right track to developing an effective vaccine against malaria, one of mankind’s top killers.

2009-07-22 11:46:15

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute have for the first time produced a malarial protein (Pfs48/45) in the proper conformation and quantity to generate a significant immune response in mice and non-human primates for use in a potential transmission-blocking vaccine.

2009-06-18 15:39:51

Researchers have identified a group of proteins that are targeted by parasites to cause malaria.

2009-06-09 07:05:00

As part of a worldwide push to eradicate one of the oldest and deadliest diseases still in existence, scientists at the University of Maryland are tinkering with mosquito DNA to produce insects capable of carrying a larger than normal load of the parasite responsible for malaria.

2009-05-20 10:11:01

Methylene blue can curb the spread of malaria parasites when administered together with new malaria medication / Heidelberg researchers publish in PLoS One.

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