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2009-05-07 11:00:00

NASA reported on Thursday that the nuclear fuel needed for its deep space exploration missions is running out, The Associated Press reported. The new study by the U.S. space agency said it does not have enough plutonium for future faraway space probes "” except for a few missions already scheduled. The lack of plutonium stems from the end of the Cold War's nuclear weapons buildup. A specific type of the radioactive element, plutonium-238, is required to power deep space probes beyond...

2009-03-09 08:51:29

Engineers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel say they have developed a way to declaw nuclear fuel, ensuring only peaceful plutonium use. The engineers said their technique denatures plutonium created in large nuclear reactors, making it unsuitable for use in nuclear arms. They said that by adding Americium, a form of the basic synthetic element found in commercial smoke detectors and industrial gauges, plutonium can only be used for peaceful purposes. Professor Yigal Ronen,...

2009-03-03 06:50:00

A bottle found at a dumpsite has the oldest example of plutonium prepared in a nuclear reactor, scientists announced yesterday. The sample is from 1944 and is an artifact from the early years of the US nuclear weapons program. Scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory utilized nuclear forensic methods to precisely date and find the origins of the sample. The researchers have labeled this "nuclear archaeology." The bottle of plutonium was found in a trench at the Hanford...

2009-01-21 14:46:29

The world's first batch of weapons-grade plutonium ever made has been found abandoned at the world's oldest nuclear processing site. The first nuclear reservation established in 1943 at Hanford, Washington, was built to support the U.S.'s pioneering nuclear weapons program. The site was home to the plutonium-239 for Trinity, the first ever nuclear weapon test in 1945. More Hanford plutonium was used in the nuclear strike on Nagasaki a little more than three weeks later. However, Hanford...

2008-10-10 09:00:13

By GEORGE JAHN By George Jahn The Associated Press VIENNA, Austria North Korea moved closer Thursday to relaunching its nuclear arms program, announcing that it wants to reactivate the facility that produced its atomic bomb and banning U.N. inspectors from the site. The United States said the moves did not mean the end of efforts to persuade the North to recommit to nuclear disarmament in exchange for diplomatic and economic concessions . Despite the gloomy implications of North...

2008-10-02 13:43:32

When a reactor in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded in 1986 in what was then the Soviet republic of Ukraine, radioactive elements were released in the air and dispersed over the Soviet Union, Europe and even eastern portions of North America. More than 20 years later, researchers from Case Western Reserve University traveled to Sweden and Poland to gain insight into the downward migration of Chernobyl-derived radionuclides in the soil. Among the team's findings was the fact that much...

2008-09-28 12:00:28

We, the American people, own a large stock of weapons-grade plutonium. Twenty-pound blocks of plutonium is worth more than gold. We could pay off all of our government's debts and store the plutonium in Fort Knox alongside the gold that is currently owned by foreign governments. W.L. Haynes West Valley City (c) 2008 Deseret News (Salt Lake City). Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

2008-09-04 12:00:16

The U.S. Department of Energy says it has selected Mission Support Alliance LLC as support contractor at its Hanford site in Washington State. Department officials said the contract with the Lockheed Martin Corp. subsidiary is a cost-plus award-fee contract valued at approximately $3 billion over 10 years, with a five-year base period and options to extend it for up to another five years. The 586-square-mile Hanford site is a decommissioned nuclear production facility that was established...

2008-09-03 18:00:27

Radioactive water is leaking from an old salt and potash mine in Germany that had been converted to a storage facility for nuclear waste. The discovery of the leak has reopened debate about nuclear power, theerman magazine Der Spiegel reports. German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel described the mine as "the most problematic nuclear facility in Europe." The Asse II mine in Lower Saxony shut down in 1964. Three years later it reopened as an "experimental" nuclear facility. Official...

2008-07-31 12:00:27

By Annette Cary, Tri-City Herald, Kennewick, Wash. Jul. 31--The Department of Energy will pay a $25,000 fine and pay for a natural resource expert for Hanford after missing two deadlines for preparing radioactive waste to be shipped to New Mexico for disposal. The resolution was reached in an agreement between DOE and the Washington State Department of Ecology, which regulates Hanford. DOE and its contractor Fluor Hanford have prepared 3,766 cubic yards of transuranic waste --...

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