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2013-03-06 23:04:20

Plymouth Rock auto medical liability clients will access the CHN PPO network Hamilton, New Jersey (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

2010-11-28 00:00:07

Silkie chickens are easy to raise, provide delicious, fresh eggs, make excellent family pets, and are perfect for breeding and showing Norco, CA (PRWEB) November 27, 2010 A leader in the bearded bantam silkie chicken breeding industry, Amber Waves is proud to offer exotic, conformationally correct silkie chicks for sale.

2010-06-24 16:35:00

IRVINE, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ --The Great Park has teamed up with Chick-fil-A at Woodbury Town Center to organize a chicken-themed tweet-up at this Saturday's Movie on the Lawn.

2010-04-21 14:34:47

A Virginia Tech animal scientist, who in 1957 began breeding lines of White Plymouth Rock chickens based on their juvenile body weight, has provided scientists around the world with a model for exploring the molecular basis of traits like growth and reproduction – traits that molded the red jungle fowl into a farm animal roughly 8,000 years ago.

2009-01-27 15:35:00

BOSTON, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Plymouth Rock Studios, a $500 million film and television studio based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, became the first development project to apply for Massachusetts' I-CUBED economic incentive package.

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Plymouth Rock
2014-07-07 08:19:50

The Plymouth Rock chicken is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in the United States of America during the mid-nineteenth century. Although its exact origin is unknown, it is thought to have been bred or popularized by John C. Bennet and developed by crossing black Java chickens, Cochins, Dominiques, and other breeds. Because the breed originally held barbed coloration, it is sometimes known as the barred rock chicken, but it does come in other color varieties. Until World War II,...

2014-07-07 08:01:09

The Lamona is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in the United States of America during the early twentieth century. The breed was named after Harry S. Lamon, who developed it while working as the senior poultry expert at the Bureau of Animal Industry, now known as the USDA's Agricultural Research Service. He used white leghorns, white Plymouth Rock chickens, and silver-gray Dorkings to develop the breed and by 1933 it was accepted as an official breed by the American Poultry...

Delaware chicken
2014-07-07 06:57:27

The Delaware chicken is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in the state of Delaware in the United States of America during the early part of the twentieth century by crossing New Hampshire hens with barred Plymouth Rock roosters. The breed was officially established in 1940 after George Ellis chose to breed the sports, or chickens with a light white or silver coloration, that were produced from broiler chickens. Because the area in which this breed was bred was the most...

2014-06-17 08:57:25

The Chantecler is a breed of domestic chicken that was developed in Canada in the early twentieth century. At the time, the only chickens in Canada were those of European and American descent, so Brother Wilfred Chantelain decided to develop a breed that could be used in the cold climate of Canada. He crossbred white leghorns, Rhode Island reds, dark Cornishes, white Plymouth Rocks, and white Wyandottes, creating the white type of this breed. The Chantecler breed was accepted into the...

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