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2014-01-07 08:40:29

PMG released latest version of enterprise service catalog, garnered industry recognition for solution and thought leadership efforts ATLANTA, Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- PMG, the smart choice for enterprise service catalog and business process automation software, announced today record end of year results for 2013. Over the past year, PMG experienced a 30% increase in company growth with new employees and customers, as well as a greater solution adoption among its existing customer...

2012-02-13 08:00:00

For years, the United Nations, World Health Organization and other noted groups that are working to eradicate death and illness due to lack of sanitation have been spreading the word about these and other horrific statistics: about every 15 seconds a child dies from a waterborne-related disease; over 40 percent of the world´s population (2.6 billion people) does not have access to toilets; safe drinking water is unavailable to 1.1 billion people. In fact, the global sanitation crisis is...

2010-11-19 00:00:43

November 19 is just another day for many people around the world. Yet, for those wishing to raise awareness of the plight of 2.6 billion people around the world who have no access to toilets, this day is making a dramatic difference in the number of people who are aware of these issues that take the life of a child every 15 seconds. Join the millions who are helping billions to lead better, healthier, more dignified lives. Whittier, CA (PRWEB) November 18, 2010 Approximately 1.8 million...

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This word is apparently from a confusion of two similar Dutch words: 'mallemerok,' a foolish woman, and 'mallemok,' a name for some persons among the crew of a whaling vessel.