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2009-07-16 12:55:00

A conservation coalition warned Wednesday, after a series of raids which netted tiger carcasses and bones, that Malaysia is losing the battle to save its dwindling population of wild tigers. "It is clearly time to admit that we are fast losing the battle to save our tigers to an army of smugglers and poachers intent on killing every last one," said the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MyCat). "They enter our protected areas with ease, and illegally trap, kill and export our...

2009-07-10 13:40:48

Some experts say that tiger farming can help the large cat's population flourish, although other experts argue that it would only fuel demand for illegal trade of the endangered cat's pelts, bones and body. "Domestic trade in tiger parts and derivatives has been banned across the world since the late 1990s," said Juan Vasquez, a spokesman for CITES - the UN body that regulates trade in endangered species - adding that illicit trade was still flourishing. "Since tigers can be bred very...

2009-07-09 12:49:43

Three conservation groups say an increased demand for rhinoceros horns in Asia could soon lead to a 15-year high in rhino poaching figures. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Traffic monitoring network said in a joint news release Thursday that up to three rhinos are being killed daily in parts of Asia and Africa. Illegal rhino horn trade to destinations in Asia is driving the killing, with growing evidence of...

2009-07-09 12:41:50

Rhino poaching is expected to hit its highest levels in 15 years due to increased demand for the animals' horns in Asia, according to conservationists. "Rhinos are in a desperate situation," according to Heather Sohl of the World Wildlife Fund. "This is the worst rhino poaching we have seen in many years and it is critical for governments to stand up and take action to stop this deadly threat to rhinos worldwide. It is time to crack down on organized criminal elements responsible for this...

2009-06-16 10:40:00

Environmental group WWF said on Monday that poachers might have used pineapples to poison and kill an endangered Sumatran elephant for its tusk. Syamsidar, a WWF spokeswoman, told AFP that the male was found dead in a pulp plantation in Riau province, Sumatra last Friday with its tusks removed.  This is the seventh recent Indonesian elephant found dead from poaching. "Pineapple fibers were found in its stomach. The fruit could have been poisoned," she added. Syamsidar said the other...

2009-05-23 13:36:03

Incidents of rhinoceros poaching are on the rise in Nepal, an official said. Poaching of the one-horned rhino in Chitwan National Park has increased even amid security measures, eKantipur reported Saturday. As recently as Wednesday, park officials found the carcass of a pregnant rhino shot with its horn missing. We have resources to mobilize rhino conservation efforts inside the park, said park conservation officer Narendra Babu Pradhan. But we have not been able to identify the poachers....

2009-01-23 09:56:00

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- An armed poacher suspected to be behind a spate of elephant killings was shot and killed by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers during a gun battle yesterday in Tsavo East National Park. A semi-automatic rifle, 17 rounds of ammunition and poisoned arrows were recovered from the scene. Ivory was the primary motivation here, according to officials. Rangers had trailed the poacher and his accomplice for 17 hours on foot, according to area...

2008-12-12 11:09:26

Elephants in Zakouma National Park, the last stronghold for the savanna elephants of Central Africa's Sahel region, now hover at about 1,000 animals, down from an estimated 3,000 in 2006. Ivory poachers using automatic weapons have decimated elephant populations "“ particularly when herds venture seasonally outside of the park. Civil unrest has made conservation exceedingly difficult in Chad. Several park guards have been shot and killed in recent years. However, safety conditions have...

2008-10-29 14:09:33

The first U.N.-approved auction of elephant ivory in almost a decade yielded lower prices than many analysts predicted on Tuesday. The first of four auctions by southern African countries saw a total of 7.2 tons of Namibian ivory sold for $1.2 million "“ an average of $164 a kilo to Chinese and Japanese bidders. The auction was the first since 1999, when the average price of ivory was $110 a kilo in an auction to Japanese bidders. Experts expected higher prices in the sale, and...

2008-10-28 21:00:19

The sale of tons of elephant ivory in Namibia this week has conservationists concerned it may trigger widespread poaching of elephants. The $1.18 million ivory sale in Namibia Monday was the first in almost a decade and several more auctions are to take place across the region in the coming weeks, The Times of London reported on its Web site Tuesday. In all, about 108 tons of ivory -- the equivalent to the tusks of 10,000 elephants -- are expected to be sold to Asian buyers, the Times said....

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