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2008-08-29 14:15:00

Environmentalists have criticized Canada for not adequately protecting polar bears from the effects of climate change.  Now the Canadian government said on Thursday it would take more time to study its next step. Detailed findings of an April review classified the bear population as a "special concern," but not endangered or threatened with extinction, a scientific panel said. Environment Minister John Baird said the government has created a national round table to consult with a...

2008-08-06 12:50:00

Alaska filed a lawsuit on Monday against the United States over the placement of polar bears on the threatened species list because such a categorization will hurt Alaskan oil and gas exploration, fisheries and tourism. The lawsuit seeks the withdrawal of a May 14 decision to place polar bears on the threatened list of the Endangered Species Act due to climate change. "We believe that the ... decision to list the polar bear was not based on the best scientific and commercial data...

2008-05-14 14:50:00

Officials said Wednesday that the Interior Department is accepting the recommendation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act because of the decline in Arctic sea ice from global warming. The department made its decision after citing studies by its own scientists that the decline of Arctic sea ice off Alaska and Canada could result in two-thirds of the polar bears disappearing by mid-century. The decision...

2008-03-11 17:46:11

MADISON - The pending federal decision about whether to protect the polar bear as a threatened species is as much about climate science as it is about climate change. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is currently considering a proposal to list the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, a proposal largely based on anticipated habitat loss in a warming Arctic. Climate models - mathematical representations of the natural processes affecting climate -...

2008-01-09 18:40:00

Three conservation groups began legal action today to force the Bush administration to list polar bears as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The Center for Biological Diversity, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Greenpeace submitted a formal notice to federal agencies and officials who will make the decision in Washington, D.C., of their intent to sue the administration for missing the deadline to decide whether polar bears will be listed due to global warming. A formal...

2007-09-07 16:12:53

WASHINGTON -- More than two-thirds of the world's polar bears will be killed off by 2050 - including the entire population in Alaska - because of thinning sea ice from global warming in the Arctic, government scientists forecast Friday. The agency projects that polar bears during that time will lose 42 percent of the Arctic range they need to live in during summer in the Polar Basin when they hunt and breed. Polar bears depend on sea ice as a platform for hunting seals, which is their primary...

2007-03-02 22:35:00

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A marked decline in sea ice off Alaska's coast is not enough to take the drastic step of listing polar bears - a species dependent on ice - as threatened, critics said Thursday at the first of three public hearings on the proposal. Restrictions that could kick in with a listing under the Endangered Species Act due to global warming would be too burdensome, given the unknowns about the future of polar bears, such as the extent of the loss of Arctic sea ice in the next 100...

2005-12-16 20:50:00

SAN FRANCISCO -- Three environmental groups are suing the U.S. government to force consideration of whether polar bears are a threatened species, saying rising global temperatures threaten to kill off the Arctic predators. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco on Thursday, asks the Interior Department to make an initial ruling on a petition to bestow the broad federal protection of the Endangered Species Act upon polar bears by designating them as "threatened." An...

2005-12-03 08:34:24

MONTREAL -- While Canada's isolated northern aboriginals are not sitting at the same table as the 180 nations attending the U.N. Climate Change Conference, they have a front-row seat to the chilling effects of global warming. From eroding shorelines, to thinning ice and loss of hunting and polar bears, Canadian Inuits of the Arctic north have seen rising temperatures transforming their lives. "Environmental changes of all kinds are coming at a rate and to an extent that may exceed the...

2005-11-09 15:25:41

By Scott Reycraft TORONTO (Reuters) - Scientists are inviting schoolkids around the globe to visit with Canadian polar bears in a series of Internet video conferences from the self-styled Polar Bear Capital of the World. The schools project is one of a several organized by conservation group Polar Bears International, which is based in the northern Canadian city of Churchill, Manitoba, on the shores of Hudson Bay. The group also funds school visits by scientists to talk about the...

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