Latest Polar vortex Stories

2005-06-03 11:00:00

NASA -- Despite near-record levels of chemical ozone destruction in the Arctic this winter, observations from NASA's Aura spacecraft showed that other atmospheric processes restored ozone amounts to near average and stopped high levels of harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching Earth's surface. Analyses from Aura's Microwave Limb Sounder indicated Arctic chemical ozone destruction this past winter peaked at near 50 percent in some regions of the stratosphere, a region of Earth's...

2005-05-13 08:15:00

NASA -- Titan's atmospheric winds, temperature and mixing have been revealed by new observations from the Cassini spacecraft. The thick atmosphere of Saturn's giant moon is rich in organic compounds, whose chemistry may be similar to that which occurred on Earth before the emergence of life. "Titan is not just a dot in the sky; these new observations show that Titan is a rich, complex world much like the Earth in some ways," said Dr. Michael Flasar of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center,...

2005-04-25 07:51:57

NASA -- Solar storms, such as the unusually intense events in October and November 2003, affect many aspects of our lives, such as radio signals and satellite communications. Now a new study partially funded by NASA and using data from several NASA instruments has shown that those late 2003 solar storms, which deposited huge quantities of energetic solar particles into Earth's atmosphere, combined forces with another natural atmospheric process last spring to produce the largest decline ever...

2005-02-03 15:29:55

JPL -- NASA astronomers using the Keck I telescope in Hawaii are learning much more about a strange, thermal "hot spot" on the tip of Saturn's south pole. In the most precise reading of Saturn's temperatures ever taken from Earth, a new set of infrared images suggests a warm "polar vortex" at Saturn's south pole - the first warm polar cap ever to be discovered in the solar system. The vortex is punctuated by a compact spot that is the warmest place on the planet. The researchers report their...

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