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2012-07-30 11:07:27

Knock, knock! Who's there? Cows go. Cows go who? No, cows go moo! OK, OK. So it's not a side-slapper – especially if the teller has zero sense of comic timing. But most likely the person sharing the joke over the water cooler thinks he or she is pretty funny. No matter how badly the joke is told, it will sometimes elicit a few polite laughs. Why? Because social norms make us averse to providing negative feedback, says Joyce Ehrlinger, a Florida State University assistant...

2011-10-12 10:05:05

Your friend debuts a questionable haircut and asks what you think of it. Brutal honesty would definitely hurt his feelings, so what do you say? Most people in this situation would probably opt for a vague or evasive response, along the lines of “It´s really unique!” or “It´s so you!” Politeness helps us get through awkward social situations like these and makes it easier for us to maintain our relationships. But a new article published in the October issue of...

2009-09-10 12:35:00

SEATTLE, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- PEMCO Insurance today released the first set of results of an ongoing examination of how Northwest drivers view the politeness of their own driving behavior and that of other drivers on Washington roads. PEMCO's tracking study measures a number of variables associated with polite and aggressive driving behavior, and will provide insight into how perceptions of that behavior change over time, and how it varies between cities across the region. "We just...

2009-07-11 23:01:00

European hoteliers rate British tourists as their worst guests, while those on other continents find them polite and generous, a travel Web site says. Expedia released its annual survey of 4,500 hoteliers Friday. They rated the Japanese as the top guests, valued for their politeness and cleanliness and described as quiet and unlikely to complain. Worldwide, the British were in the second spot, followed by Canadians, Germans and Swiss. The French placed at the bottom among 27 nationalities....

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