Latest Political repression in the Soviet Union Stories

2010-07-08 08:00:00

Joseph Stalin's Rise to Power: Facts More Intriguing Than Fiction - UH Professor Personalizes Stalin’s Crimes in New Book Based on Soviet Archives.

2009-02-26 03:41:00

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Reason.TV (http:/reason.tv) is featuring "Return to the Gulag: Jon Utley's Search for his Father" as its film of the week from February 25 to March 2.

2008-08-13 18:00:23

We all respect the governor's experience garnered during three visits to China as he explained a "language problem" regarding a Mandarin version of the expression "human rights." He stated it "really means personal empowerment." Yet hundreds of thousands of Chinese are still in what they euphemistically call "re-education camps." Millions more have died or just disappeared during the years of ongoing dictatorial oppression.

2008-08-05 09:00:19

By Mike Pride When communism crumbled, the world perspective of a generation crumbled with it. For more than 40 years, all of us born just after World War II had filtered international events through the prism of the struggle between communism and capitalism.

2008-08-04 15:00:19

Excerpt from report by private One Plus One TV on 4 August: [Presenter] Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Russian writer and Nobel Prize winner, died last night. He died at his house in Moscow on the 90th year.

2008-08-04 06:00:03

Various figures of Russian political and public life have paid tribute to Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who died late on 3 August, Russian news agency Interfax reported on 4 August.

2008-08-04 03:00:02

Following the death of Nobel Prize-winning writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, his son Stepan Solzhenitsyn told Russia's Channel One about his father's last day in an interview broadcast on 4 August. "He had a regular working day. He was working throughout the day and he fell ill only at night.

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