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2010-04-26 12:30:00

MACEDONIA, Ohio, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a recent report by USA Today, due to 2010's unusually cold winter temperatures, allergy sufferers are now poised to experience the worst pollen season in years, with pollen counts skyrocketing and sufferers hiding indoors to avoid exposure. Yet as allergens creep indoors, sufferers continue to cough, sneeze and seek relief. With the introduction of EZ Breathe, a new innovative home ventilation system designed to remove allergens and...

2010-04-09 11:00:00

All around the country, high pollen levels are being reported, and experts are predicting that 2010 will be one of the worst seasons for allergy sufferers in years. Many factors are involved, according to an April 9 article by Associated Press (AP) writer Tamara Lush. A cold winter and high winds are partially to blame for the high frequency of the fine yellow airborne particulates--and according to what pollen.com executive Web producer J.P. Levins told Lush, "The season is actually just...

2010-04-05 08:16:32

Long-lived pine pollen makes it difficult to contain transgenic trees When forest biologist Claire Williams boards ferries bound for North Carolina's Outer Banks, the barrier islands that line the NC coast, ferry captains call her the "Pollen Lady." Each spring from 2006 to 2009, Williams traveled back and forth from the islands to the mainland, collecting pine pollen blown far offshore. She wanted to find out if pollen from the loblolly pine "” the most commonly planted tree in the...

2010-03-01 13:20:24

Doctors from Italy are saying that pollen seasons may be longer due to changes in climate patterns, causing an extended period of congestion and sneezing for people with allergies, especially hay fever. Based on a twenty-six-year study, doctors have discovered an increased amount of pollen in the air progressively extending later and later into the year. The study was concentrated in the Bordighera region of Italy between 1981 and 2007. They recorded pollen counts during the allergy season...

2010-01-20 15:35:00

Research suggests that the decline of honeybees seen in many parts of the world has been caused by the reduction of plant diversity, according to BBC News. The scientists found that bees fed on pollen from several plants had a healthier immune system than those eating pollen from a single type. The French team wrote in the journal Biology Letters that bees need a fully functional immune system in order to sterilize food for the colony. Other research has shown that bees and wild flowers...

2009-12-18 08:39:08

A new study reveals the reason why orchids use sexual trickery to lure insect pollinators. The study, published in the January issue of The American Naturalist, finds that sexual deception in orchids leads to a more efficient pollinating system. While most flowering plants reward pollinators with tasty nectar, many orchid species turn to trickery. Some use what's called food deception. They produce flowers that look or smell like they offer food, but offer no edible reward. Other orchids use...

2009-11-09 15:34:49

They may only be 1.5mm in size, but the tiny wasps that pollinate fig trees can travel over 160km in less than 48 hours, according to research from scientists at the University of Leeds. The fig wasps are transporting pollen ten times further than previously recorded for any insect. The fig wasps travel these distances in search of trees to lay their eggs, which offers hope that trees pollinated by similar creatures have a good chance of surviving if they become isolated through...

2009-10-02 10:18:15

A long-term, before and after study of Africanized bee invasion of Mexico's Yucatan shows that 'killer bees' may actually increase food resources for native bees Aggressive African bees were accidentally released in Brazil in 1957. As "killer bees" spread northward, David Roubik, staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, began a 17-year study that revealed that Africanized bees caused less damage to native bees than changes in the weather and may have increased the...

2009-09-16 12:14:00

ANTONY, France, September 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Stallergenes S.A. has announced the first results of a new phase IIb/III clinical trial (VO59.08) conducted in allergic rhinitis caused by birch pollen and concerning the development of a sublingual immunotherapy tablet containing the recombinant allergen of this pollen, rBet v 1. This study is the first ever to use a recombinant allergen as an active substance. To Stallergenes' knowledge, the use of a recombinant protein in dry...

2009-06-11 10:59:02

As a result of stronger winds caused by global warming, seeds and pollen are being carried over longer distances. An increase in temperature of only a couple of degrees may increase the dispersal of plants in Northern forests and the spread of plant species into forest clearings after felling or forest fires.University of Helsinki researcher Anna Kuparinen headed the international research into the impact of global warming on seed and pollen dispersal. The goal was to learn whether global...

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2005-06-08 20:47:33

Iris is a genus of flowering plants with showy flowers ranging in color from gold, copper-red or yellow to white, blue, blue-violet, lavender, tan, maroon and purple. Pink and apricot colored irises have also been bred in some species. The name "Iris" can be applied to the genus or to any of the species within it. It is also applied to various subdivisions within the genus. Description There are many species of iris widely distributed throughout the northern temperate zone. Their...

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