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2012-04-23 23:15:11

Self-assembling nano boxes open the door to "smart" particles for medicine, manufacturing While it is relatively straightforward to build a box on the macroscale, it is much more challenging at smaller micro- and nanometer length scales. At those sizes, three-dimensional (3-D) structures are too small to be assembled by any machine and they must be guided to assemble on their own. And now, interdisciplinary research by engineers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., and...

2011-02-17 12:55:00

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hexagon AB, leading, global provider of 3D solutions to design, measure and position objects and to process and present data, will host its inaugural international conference, Hexagon 2011, 6-9 June at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA. Hexagon 2011 will bring together the latest technologies and user communities from Intergraph®, as well as Hexagon's Metrology, Geosystems and Technology divisions,...

2010-01-27 06:01:00

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Boulder, Colorado-based social media agency Room 214 (www.room214.com) has selected Crimson Hexagon (www.crimsonhexagon.com) as a key strategic partner, providing next-generation opinion analysis monitoring to extend Room 214's social media research and business intelligence offerings. "Room 214 was one of two early enterprise agency partners we began working with in 2009," said Candace Fleming, CEO of Crimson Hexagon. "Room 214's product feedback,...

2005-08-13 17:43:32

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Most members of the independent commission assessing the Pentagon's proposed list of military base closings say the Pentagon may have overstated the nearly $50 billion in savings by as much as nearly 50 percent, The New York Times reported in Sunday's editions. The commissioners, seven of whom were interviewed by the Times, expressed concern about the accuracy of the Defense Department figures and said they had directed the commission's staff to conduct a...

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2013-12-16 10:39:46

In geometry, a polygon is traditionally a plane figure that is bounded by a finite chain of strait line segments closing in a loop to create a closed chain or circuit. These line segments are called edges or sides, and the points where two of these edges meet are the polygon’s vertices or corners. The inside of the polygon is occasionally called its body. An n-gon is a polygon with n sides. A polygon is a 2-dimensional instance of the more general polytope in any number of dimensions....

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