Latest Polyphasic sleep Stories

2014-08-01 10:44:07

Researchers who studied 100 twin pairs have identified a gene mutation that may allow the carrier to function normally on less than six hours of sleep per night.

2014-03-18 23:31:05

A website devoted to the well-known personal development guru Steve Pavlina has been given an update and expanded to cover additional topics. (PRWEB) March 18,

Preschoolers Who Take A Nap In Class Have Better Memory
2013-09-24 07:45:52

Parents know that afternoon naps make children easier to deal with, but did you know that classroom naps support learning in preschool children by enhancing memory.

2012-08-01 15:05:36

As moms have always known, a good night's sleep is crucial to good health -- and now a new study led by a UCSF researcher shows that poor sleep can reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

Sleep Needed By Police Officers For Performance And Health Issues
2012-07-18 18:04:15

Forget bad guys and guns: Being a police officer can be hazardous to your health in so many different ways.

Lack Of Sleep Poses Risks For Workplace And Health
2012-04-28 04:36:34

A recent study by the CDC found that more than 40 million American workers, which are about 30 percent of the nation’s civilian workforce, are getting fewer than six hours of sleep per night.

2012-03-05 12:24:24

The people we trust to take us or our loved ones from place to place struggle with sleep.

You May Be Sleeping Better As You Age, Despite Your Perceptions Otherwise
2012-03-01 09:31:36

A new survey of more than 150,000 Americans shows subjective sleep quality actually improves over a lifetime, with the fewest complaints coming from octogenarians.

2011-03-09 08:36:43

Many Americans report dissatisfaction with their sleep during the week.

2011-01-12 15:33:54

The findings show that missing a night of sleep burns roughly 135 calories, the equivalent of two slices of bread or a 225 ml glass of semi-skimmed milk.

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