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2013-11-22 23:32:12

While giving thanks is an essential part of the Thanksgiving experience, it turns out giving thanks and being grateful have numerous physical, psychological and personal benefits. Discovery Bay, CA (PRWEB) November 22, 2013 The Top Benefits of Giving Thanks Besides being a great excuse to get together with family and friends, Thanksgiving is also an opportunity to be reflective and thankful for all the great things in your life. And, it turns out there are tremendous benefits to being...

2013-11-11 23:05:03

Alternatives, a moderate drinking treatment center in Beverly Hills, quadruples its facilities and adds new family support program. Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2013 Alternatives, a unique outpatient treatment facility that specializes in the treatment of alcohol problems and compulsive habits, announced today that it has expanded its facilities to four times its original size and has added a new family support program. Alternatives’ significant growth, all within its first...

Fear Of Death Could Be Alleviated Through Touch: Study
2013-11-07 06:36:36

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Touch could help men and women with low self-confidence cope with their own mortality, according to researchers from VU University Amsterdam, who published a report in the latest edition of the journal Psychological Science. As lead researcher and psychological scientist Sander Koole explains, all humans struggle with the concept that their time on this Earth will one day come to an end. Those who tend to be self-confident deal...

2013-11-06 23:29:54

Rising Above with John O'Leary's gratitude month kit empowers participants to grow and explore gratitude throughout November. St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) November 06, 2013 John O’Leary, president of Rising Above with John O’Leary a lifestyle organization, created a program to explore gratitude in preparation for Thanksgiving and it is available at http://www.RisingAbove.com/Gratitude-Program. “I created this program so you have a tool to see where you are currently experiencing...

2013-10-29 23:00:28

The article provides people with 19 new self-esteem building exercises that allow them to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence quickly and easily. Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 29, 2013 The article introduces to readers helpful self esteem building exercises that enable them to develop their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses effectively. In the first part of the article, people will learn how to create a comprehensive life plan in order to harness the power of their...

2013-10-10 23:29:53

Recent study indicates that strong self-esteem can act as a buffer against disappointment or worry. The study was conducted by Queendom.com and PsychTests.com in 2008 to 2010, using their Self-esteem Test. Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) October 10, 2013 How amazing would it be if we could cast a protective shield spell around us like a Harry Potter character? In this case, a type of psychological barrier where no insult, criticism, or discouragement could ever touch us? According to researchers...

Your Facebook Use Can Say A Lot About Your Self-Esteem
2013-09-13 05:46:46

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A person’s level of self-esteem and self-determination may help explain how they create and monitor their online social media personas, according to a new study by researchers at Penn State University. "The types of actions users take and the kinds of information they are adding to their Facebook walls and profiles are a reflection of their identities," said S. Shyam Sundar, Distinguished Professor of Communications and...

Canadian Report Claims The World Is Becoming Happier
2013-09-10 10:35:36

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Given the current financial and political climate, it may be hard to believe that overall happiness is on the rise. This is the claim made by Canadian professor John F. Helliwell,  whose latest World Happiness Report details the corners of our globe where happiness prevails. This report, the second of its kind, has been released in the weeks leading up to the United Nations General Assembly as a way to judge a type of well-being...

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