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2008-07-01 12:01:09

Positron Corporation (OTC: POSC) (the "Company") announced today that it has acquired an exclusive license to a coronary disease reversal and prevention practice management program created by K. Lance Gould, M.D. and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. "We are grateful to the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and Dr. Gould for selecting Positron Corporation as the exclusive licensee of their heart disease management product", stated Joe Oliverio,...

2008-06-25 12:01:24

Positron and Disease Management have announced an agreement to co-develop a coronary artery disease prevention and reversal software program and total disease management solution. The product will include a heart disease pre-test risk calculator, a coronary disease reversal and prevention practice management program, a web-based, patient centric, disease reversal and life style modification program, an interpreting and referring physician portal, as well as a cost efficacy and patient...

2008-01-13 08:08:24

Antimatter, which annihilates matter upon contact, seems to be rare in the universe. Still, for decades, scientists had clues that a vast cloud of antimatter lurked in space, but they did not know where it came from. The mysterious source of this antimatter has now been discovered — stars getting ripped apart by neutron stars and black holes. While antimatter propulsion systems are so far the stuff of science fiction, antimatter is very real. What it is...

2006-04-15 10:15:00

Most self-respecting starships in science fiction stories use antimatter as fuel for a good reason "“ it's the most potent fuel known. While tons of chemical fuel are needed to propel a human mission to Mars, just tens of milligrams of antimatter will do (a milligram is about one-thousandth the weight of a piece of the original M&M candy). However, in reality this power comes with a price. Some antimatter reactions produce blasts of high energy gamma rays. Gamma rays are like...

2005-10-31 13:15:00

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- What happens when two atoms, each made up of an electron and its antimatter counterpart, called the positron, collide with each other? UC Riverside physicists are able to see for the first time in the laboratory that these atoms, which are called positronium atoms and are unstable by nature, become even more unstable after the collision. The positronium atoms are seen to destroy one another, turning into gamma radiation, a powerful type of electromagnetic radiation....

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  • A large punch-bowl of the eighteenth century, usually of silver and with a movable rim, and decorated with flutings and a scalloped edge. It was also used for cooling and carrying wine-glasses.
  • A kind of cotton handkerchief having white spots on a colored ground, the spots being produced by a chemical which discharges the color.
This word is possibly named after Monteith (Monteigh), 'an eccentric 17th-century Scotsman who wore a cloak scalloped at the hem.'